Where I discovered this site....

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Where I discovered this site....

I'm curious, because I found a link to this site on a Baha'i blog, if any of the economic principles of the Baha'i Faith were considered in developing the Crash Course...

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Re: Where I discovered this site....

Hi amzolt


This is very non religious site in that the focus is on the 3 E's.

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Re: Where I discovered this site....

Hi Amzolt


We do not discuss religion per say here but economic principles certainly, I do not see any conflict in discussions of economic principles tied to a faith since many economic issues have a basis in moralistic principles (in theory of course; in reality....).

Of course this is just my opinion.  I am very interested to know the economic pricniples of Baha'i but I can research it on my own. If you have a resource or link though I would be  interested.



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