Where to get and share more information about surviving a crash?

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Where to get and share more information about surviving a crash?

These forums have a wealth of information, but since a forum is, by definition poorly organized -- it's time consuming to read it all looking for what you need to know. I find it frustrating reading through long conversations searching for nuggets of info. The "definitive" threads are an attempt to organize better, but still have a low info to noise ratio.

As an experiment, I created a Wiki for sharing and organizing information on surviving the crash. Anyone can contribute to it and help keep it organized (just like WikiPedia). We'll see if it turns into a valuable resource or if it gets trashed by digital graffiti.

The Crash Course is referenced (and linked) often on this wiki.

You're welcome to visit and contribute some info. http://crash.yourwiki.net



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Crash Wiki - and others?

Great move.  Love the links to the CC!  I saw a mention somewhere here that WIKIs were planned for CM.com, but haven't seen any action.  As someone who went through the whole Definitive Firearms Thread, I can say that the wiki format would be great to put all of the great info together.  Would not replace the give and take of the threads, but would be of great help to newbies.

- Jim

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