When did the Chris Martenson story begin?

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When did the Chris Martenson story begin?

This is a question directly for Chris, but I welcome anyone to answer if they know definitively.

With this economic crisis getting bigger by the minute, it now has full global attention.  It is easy to dismiss his observations as a lucky guess- I've already heard TOO MANY people claim to know that we were due for a depression/recession.  We need to take a moment to recognize the huge risk that Chris took by investing in the production of the Crash Course and the site, let alone stating a vastly unpopular view.  We don't have the benefit of a video montage like the amazing Peter Schiff "early years" in which he was mocked and ridiculed for speaking out about the things he knew to be right (and wrong!), culminating in his triumphant claim to be one of the sole voices of wisdom.

The bottom of every webpage mentions a copyright 2006-2009, but I suspect it goes back even further.  I recall reading somewhere in the forum about a fateful night when Chris sat his closest friends down and told them the story- when exactly was this?  When did Chris first begin speaking out about these things?  I only got on board last summer, so I don't have the full history.

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Re: When did the Chris Martenson story begin?

Have you read this?:  http://www.peakprosperity.com/about  It's the basics of Chris' story in his own words.

I am hoping Chris and Becca will jump in and speak for themselves on this, but I will sketch out what I remember and they can correct me if I have any of the details wrong.

Chris and Becca made a whopper of a carefully calculated lifestyle change in the summer of 2003.  I am sure the story begins before then, but that's as far back as I go in their history.  My family did something roughly similar at exactly the same time, and, lucky for us (on many levels), we landed right up the road from the Martensons.

I think Chris' first local "The End of Money" lecture was probably sometime in 2004 or 2005. When I met Chris in 2004, he was still working at a job outside the home.  (Wow, that was a lifetime ago, wasn't it?)  Sometime shortly after that, he quit paid work to focus on "the economy stuff" full-time.  I remember that it seemed kind of mysterious.  But eventually I became more aware of what it was all about.

For me, it all began when I met Becca and Chris (or arguably before
then, though I didn't know it consciously).  My personal journey was jump-started by a Feb/Mar 2006 local economic discussion series that Chris called "The End of Money."  By this time Chris had done his presentation several times locally, and it had evolved into a four-part (free) series.  Chris presented it in the basement community room of our local bank.

The way I remember it, an e-mail list grew from that lecture, and Chris promised to keep participants abreast of his observations regarding the economy.  He started sending out Weekly Economic Updates via e-mail to keep us informed.  The first one began, "Now that the economic series is
over, and our Sundays are free, I am initiating a weekly collection of economic
news for you to read, or delete, as you see fit."

By early May 2006, to expand on the e-mail newsletter and make it more readily available, Chris began a blog.  The blog bumped around on a few different sites, until, on March 16, 2008, Chris announced the opening of PeakProsperity.com and this online resource/community began.

We are very close to the one-year mark.  I am sure I am not alone in feeling that we have come farther than I imagined possible in a single year!  Hats off to Chris and Becca.

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