What would you do?

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What would you do?


I have been reading the site for about 4 months and really love it. Thank you so much to Davos and everyone else that contributes. I have been learning about the economy for the past 7 months. Mostly I have learned how little I know. 

My current situation:
I recently graduated from university in August '08 with a degree in hospitality. I had difficulty finding work... and then things got really bad!
I found a job teaching English in Taiwan(Loving it!). I feel I have a unique challenge for preparing for the future. One thing I am doing for the future is learning Chinese.
I sold all of my stocks back home and purchased gold. It is in a safety deposit box back in the States. Most of all, the gold helps me feel my family has an option of last resort. No one in my family is preparing.  
On one hand, I feel safe knowing that I have a source of income that isn't U.S. Dollars. On the other hand, I imagine in a TSHTF scenario I will be out of luck. And then what??? How would I get home? Would the US gov't help me? If I do make it home safely, I wouldn't have any means of defense/food etc. 
Should I assume the gold I have is the best I can do for now?  
I would love to hear your recommendations on must-dos.


Thanks again,


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Re: What would you do?

Congratz on the Job!

Advise, like all free advise take it for what it is worth.

Gold is good, but remember if you keep in a safety deposit box and leave it for a long period of time and do not check on it, the state has the right to take it.  I think it is called abandon in some states.  This depends on the state.  You many want to check on that.  California is especially good at this type of thing.

Do you have access to drinking water without city support?  Do you have access to food without a grocery store?  Have you been making friends and finding out who you should watch out for around you, in other words who you may be able to trust and not to trust?

Lastly, since you are not a national, you may want to find out what has happened in previous crisis's to foreigners.

Good luck and god bless.

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