What a true and noble leader does not do

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What a true and noble leader does not do

What a true and noble leadership does not do-

1) The do not have a lavish inauguration party, in fact they cancel it due to economic conditions and American suffering

2) The do not lead companies by flying in for government assistance or bailouts on private jets at the cost of 20k in gas
each, they drive or fly typical carrier's

3) They do not flip flop every week with bailout funds deciding what to do with them


A true and noble leadership leads by example, and our examples are not only ridiculously stupid, they are insulting.

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Re: What a true and noble leader does not do

A true and noble leader does not:

1. Steal from the poor to bailout the rich. 

2. Bailout the rich so the rich can oppress the poor with more inflation and debt. 

3. Fear freedom of the common citizens.

4. Steal from the poor in order to enforce the removal of the poors freedoms.

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Re: What a true and noble leader does not do

A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be.”  Rosalynn Carter


I just don't have faith in our new administration. I am actually horrified by the bias, closed minded individuals he has been considering for staff positions. If anyone has articles or information to prove otherwise it would be helpful.  

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Re: What a true and noble leader does not do

In my job, I am both a manager and a leader.  The distinction here is a simple one:  You manage things, and you lead people.  What I have been noticing in Washington of late, is a whole lot of managing, but not a bit of leading.  The entire focus of our situation has been about things, and how we can fix our things so we can have more things.

What a real leader would start doing is leading.  Stop all the BS talking and start making some meaningful changes in the way the main office does business as a real example of what's expected.  In order to do this, a leader has to be a hated man - at least in the short term.  Consider the traits (in my opinion) of what makes a leader:

A real leader knows that when you voice an opinion or a policy, it is just as important to be able to justify your position as it is important to accept the criticism.

A real leader knows that it can be OK to change your position, as long as you're able to justify yourself - sometimes this means that you actually are open to the ideas of others.  It's the justification part that makes the difference between change and 'flip-flop'. 

A real leader knows that it is important to have friends in the organization - but it is even more important to understand that you can never have best friends in the organization. 

A real leader knows that in times of trouble or unrest, it becomes required that you place the 'black hat' upon your head and assume the role of the one who is unpopular.

A real leader knows that once the trouble or unrest has been quelled, it then becomes required to put that black hat AWAY and get back to business.

None of these concepts of leadership and management sit well in the political world, and they certainly don't show themselves anywhere in proximity to the beltway!  Unfortunately, real leadership is absent where it is needed the most, and truth be told, the people of this country have been too dumbed up to know a real leader if they walked up and slapped them in the face (which by the way a lot of folks could use a good slap right about now).

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Re: What a true and noble leader does not do

Does electing an individual...an administration...or party solve the problem?   Not in my view.

 As Chris has stated, and I strongly believe; reviewing data in every major issue clearly shows the government (elected officials on both sides of the aisles) are a key part and facilitators of our problems.

Let's put political slant away...this problem is too serious for this.  Sheeesh!!

Work for the federal government...we truly need a complete overhaul of a system inefficient and some ways corrupted by both parties...leave it at that.   Sealed


Involved directly in programs in 2 differernt areas (military, climate change) up to Executive Cabinet Secretary level and Congressional Committee's...30 years experience learned 2 things. 

  • Crisis of Information.  Elected officials routinely never ask the correct questions (hearings, etc.).   Simply put...we elect folks with too limited analytical skills.  Non promotion and enforcement of professional standards.
  • Crisis of Decision-making.   Too often they succumb to their party..."dogma's" and influence of special interests.

Ask this question...  Do we have leaders?   Do we have an effective system that promotes real accountability and transparency?     Do we have system that develops leaders?



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Re: What a true and noble leader does not do

i am starting to lose interest in ron paul
i watched him "grill" bernanke.
he used most of his time making the same points he always makes. instead of asking tough questions and following up.

this is true of all of them. they do nothing but make speeches.

ron is right of course but he is becoming something of of a joke, not a leader.

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Re: What a true and noble leader does not do

Lose faith in Ron Paul? Holy cow, if Paul goes, only a few left that see the picture even partially.




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Re: What a true and noble leader does not do

Lose interest - understandable.

Lose faith - never.

He's one of the only people out there who truly leads, and really exemplifies Rosalynn Carter's quip, as evidenced by his constituents who continually re-elect him, although many who vote for him disagree with his views. They know that, in the end, he truly is on the side of the private individual, no matter his class.

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