What Happened to Jobs Building Highways?

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What Happened to Jobs Building Highways?



"But I want to be clear from the beginning of this administration
that we have made our choice.  America will not be held hostage to
dwindling resources, hostile regimes, and a warming planet.  We will
not be put off from action because action is hard.  Now is the time to
make the tough choices.  Now is the time to meet the challenge at this
crossroad of history by choosing a future that is safer for our
country, prosperous for our planet, and sustainable.

Those are my priorities, and they're reflected in the executive orders that I'm about to sign."

Gee, I was a little surprised to see this when I expected to see an EO or hear about legislation about employing folks to work on highways and bridges as previously mentioned, but then I don't keep up with campaign promises . How refreshing and indicative that highways & bridges come later.  Apparantly they are doing their homework (good grief, maybe even reading cm.com or TOD?).  I think it's still too soon for them to talk about the specifics of how bad it really will get, or anything about the currency at all, which makes sense to me - why create panic in an already disgruntled American (overfed and indulged) public?  Alternative energy action after first getting rid of a little GWB stink in the national arena seems about right to me as well as the imperative of address FOIA.  It might provide us with a little (better) infrastructure when everything crashes, no?  And leads me to believe they know our final crash going to happen soon.  But that is pure instinct here.

I was also struck by his mention of the Federal government blocking the progress of states, mentioned twice.  I think this is an amazing attitude for the Federal government to have considering they always seemed to treat the States like naughty children, especially in their regulations.

What do you think?  Let's go on a speculative splurge (to allay our fears, of course) about the EO's signed today.  Sometimes it is just so damned hard to be hopeful when politicians are involved.


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