What is everybody doing with their money?

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What is everybody doing with their money?

I've read all sorts of articles, etc. on financial strategies in this new era of uncertainy, etc.

Curious, I'd like to hear what some of you are doing with your money. Particuarlly, percentages such as

30% gold/silver, 25% cash, etc, etc. And reasons based upon your outlook ?

Thanks :)





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spend it or lose it.....

We spend our money!  That's what money's for!

Recently, we spent money on:

  1. bees
  2. bee keeping gear
  3. a flue for the wood stove
  4. parts for the wood stove
  5. seeds
  6. seedlings
  7. LED energy saving lights
  8. more chickens
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I'm with that matrix guy. 

I'm with that matrix guy.  One thing people might consider is buying any oil-dependent products they can store and use.  For example, we're planning on upgrading our greenhouse at some point, so buying polycarbonate panels/greenhouse film is probably in our very near future.  I seriously doubt the price on these will go down over the next year.

I think tools are great idea too.

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Water Heater

I just purchased a new GE Heat Pump Water Heater. It saves me 2500 KWH a year. It will also allow me to put the water heating on my battery backup, so we can have hot water during power outages. By the way they are on sale at Lowes for 33% off until 10-5.

Next up is to upgrade my battery backup to run everything in the house during power outages. The recent floods exposed some of my weakness in this area.


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thansk for comments...I

thansk for comments...I understand the spending part for preparation..

so you don't have a short-long savings plan?


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Our plan...

I did have 2 401ks and a Roth IRA.

I have looted and pillaged all of them to the greatest extent that I can.....

In turn, I bought PMs .-  With the remainder left in the 401ks, I have transferred them to government securities. The Roth IRA is through Vanguard, the S&P 500 Index.

This move is the best I can do, unless I close all of the accounts and take the IRS hits.... I would do it, but my fiance still has a gleem of hope that the markets will "grow" again, some day. That being said, he has also taken money out and bought PMs and a nice tactical shotgun w/ammo.

Does that help?



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In addition to real items,

In addition to real items, such as replacing an older wood stove with a newer, more efficient model, and adding another 2700w of PV to the existing arrays, and so on, we:

1.  Keep some short term money in 3 local banks, about 15%

2.  Keep all our long term money in physically held gold and silver, about 75%

3.  The remainer, a small IRA invested in Sprott Silver shares.

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 I'm building up my food

 I'm building up my food supplies.  Almost all of my resources are going into gathering a large food storage supply. I am also seriously considering purchasing silver since it used and needed in many manufacturing industries.

I don't have a lot of money to spare, so I think I am putting into one of the most critical areas.  What do you need in an emergency situation?  Food, water and  shelter.  I already have shelter so I am focusing on food and water.  

I know it sounds simple, but just buy your favorite foods and store them.  



[url=http://www.foodstoragecafe]Food storage[/url]





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Money? What money?


I know that times are tough cuz:

The only pet I can afford for the kids is a tumbleweed.........

Used to have a dog but the doghouse got foreclosed........

So we made tacos outta him. A Chihuahua, of course; why couldn't we have had a St Bernard or something? (coulda used some of Dogs' peppers)..........

If I could have found just three more aluminum cans that day we coulda had enough $ to buy rice and beans for a combo plate......

Even the mice left for greener pastures.........


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