What To Do?

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What To Do?

Big tax increases are part of the answer.

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What NOT to do
Big tax increases will just allow the government to piss away the money in more stupid ways. All the money that you've sent to it for Social Security, for Medicaid, for education, all that - has been blown on god knows what but it's not for Social Security, Medicaid, or education. The government has no accountability, just accept it. We did elect a bunch of Democrats in 2006 to end the war in Iraq - has it ended? We elected a president to stop nation building, to reduce the federal government, and to get the federal budget under control in 2000 - did that happen? The solution is to let the damned government go bankrupt. They're going bankrupt anyhow, it's just a question of how much more good money you want to throw after bad. You're never going to get a return on your investment from them. They're a mafia now, not a representative government.

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