What do you consider this website forum to be about?

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What do you consider this website forum to be about?



So this is my first post that I have made in this forum and I jsut wanted to introduce myself.

Umm, hi. I am Budokai. I'm on a couple of other websites as well so if you trawl around you might see me pop up from time to time butthis is my first time that I have been on this particular website. Anything that you think I may need to know about, please send me a message, or leave a reply below.

One of the things that I have noticed about this forum is that it's very varied on content. I know that at the top of the screen it says 'economy, enrgy, evironment' but I've seen topics in here ranging from agriculture, banking and even Osama Bin Laden conspiracy questions (in the controvesial topics area obviously). I jsut want to know what s talked about, beyond the tag line on the website.

My Question to whoever is reading this is this:


What do you think this forum is about? 

What do you mostly read/see being posted?


much appreciated cheers 

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Hi Budokai, The major

Hi Budokai,

The major subjects discussed on this forum are:

  • Politics
  • Gold
  • News

Welcome to the forum....Jeff

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If I had to distill the content down to the simplest of terms I would have to say 'developing resiliency'. All topics and discussion seems to be related to, in one way or another, either a cause of the need for resiliency or a way to achieve it.


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Welcome Budokai

IMO the major discussion areas of this site involve:

1.  Attempting to understand the changes we are currently experiencing (and where they are going tomorrow/next week/next year/next decade);

2.  Coming to grips with how to live a rewarding life amidst those changes;

3.  Trying to understand how #1 and #2 will encourage us to change/grow, and how best to make it a positive thing.

Just my $0.02.

Viva -- Sager 

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- Identifying problems
*Discussing potential disruptions
*Examining liklihood

- Proposing solutions
*Interpreting logical courses of action
*Discussing feasibility

- Resiliency

Those are the bread and butter of the forum, but there's also a lot of political banter these days.
I think we could do without it, and in stead, talk more about Problems and Solutions... but apart from the outlined CT's, just about anything goes.



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another E

 There is another E that flows beneath all the other Es here---Education.

Educating the public to the whirlwind that we are about to step into because we have been ignorant and careless about so many things---

Energy,  peak oil, and peak resources.

Food supply when energy and fertilizers are less available and demand is greater

Changes to the enviornment because of human activity or natural foreseeable causes

Lack of long term planning concerning government spending, and the many factors that predict economic decline.

Lately there has been a focus on finance , the hollowing out of the middle class, and the need to prosecute white collar criminals.

In addition, there is a focus on what to do to protect yourself  and be able to muddle through when it all comes around; not if but when:

protecting your home, keeping food stores, learning skills to be self reliant, and protecting what money you may have left.

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Thomas Hedin
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anything but

Anything but debt free money. 

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this site is about...

The forums, at least, are about what you bring to them. Some people bring a willingness to learn on many subjects. Quite often the learners are knowlegable in other areas - and we pool our knowledge resouces (see the "Fukishima - it's worse than you think" thread for an example.)

Meanwhile others want to preach a certain politicaal or economic point of view (we have Marxists to Ron Paul supports here, and everything in between) . You learn to tune them out.

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Welcome to the forum....
JAG wrote:

Hi Budokai,

The major subjects discussed on this forum are:

  • Politics
  • Gold
  • News

Welcome to the forum....Jeff

You left out guns JAG......

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Multiple Points

We're a community that, for the most part, agrees withe the concepts of Chris Martenson's Crash Course (Economy, Energy, Environment).

We are peak oil and peak natural resources, aware. We know that our monetary system is based on debt and the debt is unsustainable. We are facing an age of decline and/or collapse.

We can generally agree on what we have to do on a personal, familial, and community-building level. Preparations for self-sufficiency and resiliency, getting out of debt and storing wealth, learning practical skills, growing and preserving food, self defense, building community, etc.

But we have fierce - mostly civil, thanks to our moderators - debates when it comes finding solutions at the intersection of politics and the economy level. (Also, as part of the ground rules, we don't talk about religion or certain other topics where people only end up demonizing each other and hating each other. Hate is bad, it is divisive and cruel and stifling. It drives people away.)


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I don't know why, but just reading these replies made me chuckle.  Love you all for what you bring to our "dinner table".  Thanks Budokai for giving us a moment of introspection.  See, we're talking love (not hate) already!  Aloha, Steve.

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