What the banking system deserves!

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What the banking system deserves!

What the banking system deserves is Natural Equity.


NATURAL EQUITY - That which is founded in natural justice, in honesty and right, and which arises ex aequo et bono. It corresponds precisely with the definition of justice or natural law, which is a constant and perpetual. will to give to every man what is his. This kind of equity embraces so wide a range, that human tribunals have never attempted to enforce it. Every code of laws has left many matters of natural justice or equity wholly unprovided for, from the difficulty of framing general rules to meet them, from the almost impossibility of enforcing them, and from the doubtful nature of the policy of attempting to give a legal sanction to duties of imperfect obligation, such as charity, gratitude, or kindness.

This is what the MTA would do for our monetary system and the banks.  It would be the first step in returning our financial system to one that is honest and just for everyone involved.  Passage of the Minnesota Transportation Act would begin to return our monetary system into a fair and honest system only designed to enhance fair trade instead of a tool for theft by deception as it is now.  Though not a complete fix, it is the first best step.

http://www.wealthmoney.org/Gregory-Soderberg-InterviewLQ.html Gregory Soderberg Talks about H.F. 888 and S.F. 705 (The Minnesota Transportation Act).


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