What about 401K plans?

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What about 401K plans?

The 401K plan coincidentally began in 1980 and I believe has had a large impact on the stock markets (right?)   I'd expect there is a chart that would show a rise in 401K investment as the personal savings rate declined.  Could this be because the 401K investment is taken out before the income is tabulated?  In other words, is the personal savings rate chart based on a net income which does not include the 401K witholding?

I'd be interested to know if there is a chart which compared the personal savings rate with 401K investment over time.  It could show not just a faith in credit but a faith in the stock market as well.  I'm wondering about this because I remember that it was the 1980's that people started taking money out of low-yield savings accounts and putting into money markets and stock market.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: What about 401K plans?

redpoe, see the February 15, 2009 Martenson Report "The Great Asset Bubble".  I believe this report has the charts you are looking for.


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Re: What about 401K plans?

Prophesy, by Robert Kiwosaki, has some very nice information regarding the folly of ERISA and 401K's.

In hindisight, I wish that I had NEVER contributed one red cent to mine. But, like everyone else, the FlavorAide tasted yummy at the time.

Free money! *barf*

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