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Western Mass members

I live in Franklin County and would be glad to meet like-minded people who are interested in building/sharing their resiliency skills and experiences in preparing for a new, more hands-on way of life. Send me a private message if you're interested, too.

I'd also be grateful to get recommendations for an accountant in WMass who has experience in and is comfortable with helping folks reshape their financial lives while minimizing the tax consequences of liquidating assets.


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Re: Western Mass members


I live north of Albany NY which is a little far away.  I know there is a transition town group in Great Barrington MA that meets a couple times a month.  I haven't gone but may try to in the future.  Just google transition town great barrington and you can find the website.



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Re: Western Mass members

Hi Kwalter, We live in central MA and are looking for land in the 'East of Quabbin, but West of Worcester' areas. But I'm just a Turbo Tax guy like our Treasure. 

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Re: Western Mass members

"Anyone interested in receiving information about what's going on with the 20+ initiatives in the western part of the state, email me at tinaclarke [at] transitionnetwork [dot] org."

The mentioned initiatives are of the Transition Town variety.  Here's the context of the quote.

Good luck!

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