We need [to Ecologize] Growth...

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We need [to Ecologize] Growth...

Ecologize Growth...A challenge to the commonly accepted infinite growth
paradigm of the modern economy.  Can we use the opportunity of the
economic crisis to heal our relationship with money and discover
the true value of life?

This mini movie (5min) was entered into the
http://PossibleFuturesFilmContest.org is is the best
of the few that I have screened. After seeing Chris's
Crash Course, this may give some hope for how to
"Grow Forward".



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Excellent video, would

Excellent video, would reccomend the movie "Economics of Hapiness" and the this most recent article from Charles Eisenstein http://us1.campaign-archive2.com/?u=b8e53c620300ae88791163048&id=333580b8c5 This is all great theory but reality will place some serious roadblocks in the way as we make our transformation into post petroleum man.

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