A warning to America from 1958

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A warning to America from 1958

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Re: A warning to America from 1958

Thank you, Rowmat . . . . I had no idea . . . . . Dead on . . . . .

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Re: A warning to America from 1961


Another warning that was ignored by the citizenry...

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Re: A warning to America from 1958



This should Be in Every SCHOOL and Constantly Played everyday.  HEY, Send this To OBAMA!!!! and CONGRESS.  


That would be a good idea.  Every American E-Mail this to Their Representatives.  

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Re: A warning to America from 1958

many in congress already know this.  the JBS was loud and well known back in the 70's as well talking about the planned new world order.  but the propaganda arm for the bankers, the media, was able to caricature the message and turn the JBS into total religious kooks in the eyes of americans so the message was rendered ineffective.  people who wanted to be taken seriously no longer referred to JBS.  they were considered apocalyptic freaks.  the world is so twisted sometimes...the real apocalyptic freaks are the sick elite pushing this agenda that engage in all their secret rituals and ceremonies.  

so I'm all for the idea JK because it will let representatives know that today's americans are paying attention, but the content of the video itself is already known by most of them.  

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