USDA deregulates GE Alfalfa

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USDA deregulates GE Alfalfa

i guess this mean monsanto can sell alfalfa anywhere in the US now. exerpt:

Update 1/28/11

We are very disappointed in the USDA’s decision to deregulate GE Alfalfa with no conditions (meaning no restrictions to support coexistence). Planting GE alfalfa without restrictions may cause potential contamination of organic and non-genetically engineered crops. Despite this setback, Whole Foods Market will continue to be strong advocates for non-GE foods, their clear labeling and offering them in the marketplace.


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Re: USDA deregulates GE Alfalfa

Here's the group that held up Monsanto in court for 4 years on their GE Alfalfa, and have been successful in other cases.

They are continuing to be the front line defense against GE foods and they take donations.

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