US Monetary policy irresponsible...?

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US Monetary policy irresponsible...?

In my view US Monetary Policy has been, and still is irresponsible towards the rest of the world.

During a speech of a US Fed Official to European Central Bankers the official remarked:

["The US Dollar is OUR currency, but YOUR problem".]

The attitude displayed here shows the incredible rudeness of the US system policy, financing their system, and wars with 'other peoples money'.

No individual would be able to borrow even a penny, if the bank would smell that there was a chance for defaulting repayment, yet the US will promise to repay... Who will believe them? 



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Re: We torched Bretton Woods

The US unilaterally torched the Bretton Woods agreement and has exploited its defacto throne as the worlds trading currency. But this is no surprise as the Federal Reserve is a scheme to exploit.

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