The US dollar and Chinese policy

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The US dollar and Chinese policy

Some news by way of J. Sinclair. China may be asserting its role as senior creditor of the US.Those familiar with Chinese practices say that their government usually expresses official positions through non-government experts.

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Re: The US dollar and Chinese policy
does anyone know a good mandarin language course?
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Re: The US dollar and Chinese policy

My son taught himself Portuguese with Rosetta Stone; highl'y reco'd.



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Learning Chinese

Well I married a Taiwanese-Chinese girl, but that can be an expensive way to learn, LOL.

Yes, Rosetta Stone is pretty good and not expensive. I have been studying Chinese for awhile now and am pretty fluent. The only thing that's harder is that you are in the US, and you won't get a chance to use it much unless you can find a Chinese community near you and make some Chinese friends.  

I use it everyday and it's all that is mainly on TV (we only have 5 English channels here out of 120) so immersing yourself in the language makes it much easier to learn. I needed to learn everything from ordering the right food to where is the bathroom. It's a very fast language, similar to the speed of Spanish, and the way its spoken you would think some people are mad at you, but it is just spoken very loud and forceful usually. I mistake people for fighting all the time here, when they are just communicating.

Concentrate on simple things first. Remember it's a TONE based language using 5 levels, 4 being used mainly and the 5th rarely, so it's a lot like music. We speak English in a single tone for all words, with rising and falling only with exclamation or question. In Chinese, a word like MA is simple and means Mother. If you say it in the wrong tone level, it means HORSE.

Also, don't worry or concentrate on writing the Chinese language, just learn to speak it first. Writing can take many years, and can be quite difficult to master being that it's character based. I have been learning the language for years, and still only know maybe 30-40 Chinese characters.

I am lucky because as my children learn Chinese later, I will practice writing with them and master it that way. Right now, I don't care about writing so much, and only really need to write my Chinese name and a few other things.

Tai Jen








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