The Unveiling of "Plan C"?

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The Unveiling of "Plan C"?

Greenspan Says U.S. Should Consider Breaking Up Large Banks

Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. regulators should consider breaking up large financial institutions considered “too big to fail,” former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said.

In my opinion this is "Plan C" being reveled. The m*rons at large have woken up to the fact that so much water is gushing over the transom (CRE and wave 2 of the residentials) that no amount of bailing will keep the ships from sinking.



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Re: The Unveiling of "Plan C"?

Simon Johnson and Robert Reich also said the same thing about a week ago:

We'll see if it happens!!

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Re: The Unveiling of "Plan C"?

They will be broken up and then sold to the Fed Member Banks (ie:  JPM, GS) for pennies on the dollar.  Mark my words is this actually goes through.....  


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