The United States of Corporate Welfare

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The United States of Corporate Welfare

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Re: The United States of Corporate Welfare

I don't think I understood a word you said.   I guess I'm visual.  Cool

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Re: The United States of Corporate Welfare

I've grown weary of hearing passe political catchphrases from the left/right media.  "Corporate welfare" implies that the US govt is autonomous, has the power, and simply hands out goodies to some begging corporations because they pay the politicians.  The solution would then be to pass a couple laws that limit what corporate professionals could pay politicians.  That's not an accurate depiction of the situation.  

The appropriate understanding of the structure is that a banking/corporate elite (the nodes of economic power that sit under the Fed, which is at the top of the pyramid) runs the US (much of the world actually) and the DC government is its servant.  Only with that understanding can we know how to intelligently move forward.

End the Fed.  Return to a republic. 


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