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Understanding economics

Dear Chris

I've been reading the site avidly since the end of last year, when I came across the crash course for the first time. Others have already said it better, but once again thanks for all the hard work and devotion which are so evident throughout.

I came to the site via an interest in peak oil; and of the three 'E's - I have found energy and the environment to be fairly within my comfort zone of understanding, although I have never seen the key issues explained and illustrated so clearly elsewhere.

For me the last 'E' -  the economy was the real unknown, and I focused on this as the area where I need to improve my knowledge. Writing as an unbiased reader of the site I have to say that there seems to be a large step from the content of the crash course to obtaining a deeper understanding of the economics, which I personally have found/am finding very difficult to bridge.

The latest references to the treasury bond bubble are a case in point,
where I have found the discussion to be very technical, and although I can understand the cause and effect stype relationships I struggle to understand the fundamentals. The same is true for much of the content of the site though.

I have followed some of your links to other financial sites, but many seem to be targetted at the serious, professional investor. There also seem to be large numbers of such people who contribute regularly to the site, and I have to say I am in awe of some of the contributors to these forums.

As understanding is such a major requirement, as pointed out in your post 'What's the plan'


I'm feeling a little bit exposed and wonder if you can suggest an intellectual filler between the crash course and the deeper understanding of markets and the economy.



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Re: Understanding economics


eternal sunshine,

Economics is a broad subject that involves much study.  One can grasp the basics by reading a few books.  You will gain much more from books than some short writings on some webpage.

To get you started I suggest you buy these books.  However, you can read them for free here:



There are also some good resources here on Ron Paul's page:



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Re: Understanding economics

The Ludwig von Mises Institute has probably hundreds of books on Austrian Economics available online in PDF form. See here: http://mises.org/literature.aspx

This is a wonderful resource and best of all, it's entirely free! If you wish to have the book in your hand, you can buy them at the Mises Institute as well.

Time Mag. has Ron Paul on record saying that Ludwig von Mises should be the Time Person of the Year...I might nominate Hank Paulson - the man who orchestrated the most acute and unjust transfer of wealth in human history.


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Re: Understanding economics

Thanks for the advice.

I'm making progress, fortunately this site is providing exponential 'education' to counter the exponential growth in debt, money production etc etc

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2009 – The Year Monetarism Enters Bankruptcy

Dr. Henry C.K. Liu is a wonderful sorce for understanding economics. http://www.henryckliu.com/

One of his latest articles posted on his site.

2009 – The Year Monetarism Enters Bankruptcy  http://henryckliu.com/page178.html

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