The Unbelievable shame about America

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The Unbelievable shame about America

I have been to almost every state in America, as well as traveled to practically every major destination on the planet, and you can see race or religion being an issue almost everywhere you go. But in America, where we are SUPPOSED to be the leaders of the free world, where we are SUPPOSED to set an example for the world to follow, where we are SUPPOSED to be the brightest and the best, at least by most of the worlds perception, alot of Americans are nothing more than a bunch of undereducated, bigoted sheep. It's embarassing and quite frankly, shameful.

I have never read and heard so much racist crap in all of my life since Barack Obama started his run for president. I just got done watching the psycho woman who said she was attacked by a Black man, beat up, and had a reversed B (for Barack) carved into her face just because she had a McCain sticker on her car. She was getting money from an ATM, but she was stupid and the video caught no such person attacking her. Turns out shes mentally ill and did it to herself, a good excuse for racism I guess. She's in jail now and off the street.

But that is not what is making me mad. What is making me mad is lately on the investment message boards I frequent a lot, I see nothing but the most unbelievable bigotry you can imagine. These are INVESTMENT BOARDS where usually the more educated, non inbred people are supposed to be. It's nothing short of scary.

This is the truth about America, and I am sure I am going to get a lot of crap for posting this.

America broke away from England, a colonising empire, because we wanted our freedom from taxation without representation. Great story and very patriotic. We practically slaughtered and entire race of American Indians to take the country. Screwed over Mexico which had about half the country, and did as we pleased, no different than the English, only perhaps more harsh. They colonized and killed and we just killed off almost an entire race. But we did it for democracy, or land, or simply because we thought we were better, and in America that means you can kill off anything that does not agree with that.

The point I am trying to make is that racism should not exist at all, because practically EVERYONE in America comes from another country, unless you are an American Indian. I know it's a nice dream or fantasy to me to think, or better yet hope, that Americans in general would educate themselves into a better and smarter people as a whole. That really is not happening. In fact, I think it's worse sometimes. Same bigotry just hidden better and not wearing White sheets and burning crosses anymore.

When someone comes to someone blowing patriotic psycho babble about how they are a true American, or proud to be an American, I usually laugh because it does not exist. We conquered a country that's all. We don't have the history of a China, India, Russia or Egypt. We have a history of war, waste and conquering others. If we don't like it, we kill it , plain and simple. And then of course the privlidged profit from it.

It makes me very angry when I am overseas, because you are practically a walking diplomat regardless of where you go or what you do. You have people talking to you about real issues, foreign policy, etc. and you represent America, or what they think America should be. You better know your history because they usually do.

Don't get me wrong, I love America, and I love being American. What I don't love is being embarrassed. It's embarrassing how other countries see us. They watch shows like Jerry Springer, or just the American news, and they are usually confused because they usually respect an admire us, but are scared to death seeing some of the things that go on here.

Racism is so 60's its not even funny. Back then it belonged in the backwoods with the undereducated folk who was taught by his daddy and his daddy before him. It represents nothing but ignorance. Racism is like religion, it is passed from father to son, mother to daughter like a disease that should have been cured by now. These are the people who embarrass me the most, and make me sad to even associate myself as an American. And now some of them are educated or have money.

I don't care who wins because it will be business as usual. But this is a very historical election because a Black or a woman will be in the highest position in government for the first time. But it makes me very sad for America when I see how much racism still exists on a very large scale. Nobody should ever dare to have the audacity to be racist, because we are all really nothing but immigrants in the first place.






















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Re: The Unbelievable shame about America


 The only thing I take exception to is your use of the word "we", I have never slaughtered anyone,  or screwed anyone over, I leave people alone because I wish to be left alone.

  Article written in 1963 by Ayn Rand about racism...

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Re: The Unbelievable shame about America


I agree with you wholeheartedly, but I recently encountered something that reframed the issue for me.

My wife and I just returned from a vacation to Asturias, Spain (we're still jet-lagged), and we spent a weekend visiting with our son's in-laws in Portugal. In both Spain and Portugal, the US election is occasionally mentioned in the news, but not often, and it was a good break for us from the tiresome barrage of hate- and fear-selling that presidential elections have become in this country.

However, the subject of politics came up (of course). It turns out that even the most conservative politicians in Portugal have distanced themselves from Bush, McCain, and Iraq - the entire country, right and left, is for Obama.

Their story about what has happened is that, in 2000, the Bush election was one of those tragic accidents that happen to democracies and republics - a combination of misinformed voters, election lies, election fraud, and a bad call by the Supreme Court. When I visited Germany in 2002, for instance, they were all very sympathetic for both 9/11 and for being stuck with Bush for another two years, but they were confident that it would sort itself out in 2004 in a landslide that would kick Bush out of office. The Portuguese apparently felt the same way.

When Bush was re-elected in 2004, they felt (as I felt) that Americans are simply f**cking idiots. At that point, they pretty much wrote us off as a doomed republic.

Their take on this election, however, is interesting. They are now saying, "Only in America could this happen," and their attitude is one of admiration, and hope. They are very aware that the United States is racist, sexist, willfully ignorant, religiously bigoted, and arrogant. The idealists in this country find this a little shocking, but it is no secret to the rest of the world - as you say, most Europeans seem to know more about US history than US citizens do. What caught their attention was the Democratic primaries, where the race came down to two old white guys? No, That's what they expected; what they got was a runoff between a woman and a black man. They didn't believe their eyes and ears, and they said - admiringly - "Only in America."

Now we have a black man in the final race, and at the moment, he looks like the presumptive president. The old white guy (McCain) and his trophy VP (Palin) are pandering to the worst instincts of the stupidest people in the country - the racist, sexist, willfully ignorant, religiously bigoted, and arrogant America that the Portuguese have seen us as having become - and they are losing the election. So they say, "Only in America," and they say it with admiration. In fact, our son's step-mother went on to say, "I really gives me hope for America, and in a way, hope for the human race."

They really admire the fact that we can fall as far as Bush, and then turn around and elect an Obama - despite our racism, our sexism, our religious bigotry, our willful ignorance, and our arrogance.

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Re: The Unbelievable shame about America


 Very well stated. I too have noticed the exact same thing in financial forums. I have concluded that race relations in America will never improve. Matter of fact, if Obama wins, I think they will take a turn for the worse. The blame game for what caused the financial crisis has already begun i.e. poor blacks that took mortgages that they couldn't afford - the Community Revitalization Act etc. Instead of focusing on the real issues: fractional reserve banking and fiat money, people are either too ignorant, uneducated or simply too bigoted to search for the source of the problem.

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Re: The Unbelievable shame about America
Krogoth and JoeNemeth, thanks for sharing your observations of how others in countries outside the US view those of us in the US and our politics.   It's very interesting to read!  We are so insulated from perspectives beyond our own here in the US that getting exposure to others' perspectives is very interesting and eye-opening.   
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Michael Ruppert

This is from Michael Ruppert, who if you don't know please research.   


Peter Schiff today on CNN. My jaw hit the floor and I yeehaed like the Dodgers had made it to the World Series. -- "This is a phony economy. There's only one thing to do and that's tear it down completely and build a new one from scratch."

We aren't the only ones who get it. Now if the damned Libertarians would just get Peak Oil. There's an alliance that just might save the world.


As a writer I have always thought it my highest duty to most accurately describe events as they actually are; hopefully in the fewest possible words. I watched the markets with a microscope all day today. There is only one way to describe what I saw. Let's begin with a commonly accepted term: "The markets took a dump". What I saw today was markets that are deathly ill with dysentery. In the natural world it was a leading cause of death. All day the markets leaked and squirted and the internal agonies were all too apparent, as were some very strange noises. The eruption is inevitable; the evacuation must happen. Distance, splash guards and protective gear are recommended. Hang on to your gold because the Fed is flat out telling people a .75 rate cut is coming.

IMPLOSION PLUS -- Turn on the printing presses while prices are falling rapidly, at a point in time when nothing has shaken out. Do it when the biggest crashes are still coming. The snake is eating its own tail. That's my original line from maybe eight or nine years ago. Now the bite nears the heart.

Citigroup Update

This could be big and it could hurt them real badly. One of the reasons why I watched Citigroup so closely from the start is that I have been documenting their criminal behavior for eight years or more; especially vis a vis drug-money laundering. Sure, there are lots of lawsuits out there. But when TSHTF I have always looked at the most conspicuously dirty player first. That's Citigroup. There was nothing about them for days when the crash started three weeks ago. Silence. That told me a lot. It told me that Citi was in heavy play behind the scenes and under the carpet. Citi is the one that can pull the plug. You can bet that the people filing this lawsuit have some damn good evidence. "Those who win in a rigged game get stupid". That was not my original line.

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Re: Michael Ruppert
I've been pleasantly surprised that Schiff has been given so much air time. A couple of years ago, they thought he was nuts. Lately, he's getting their attention, at least the attention of his hosts. I don't think he'll ever be invited on Kudlow, Cramer, Hannity, O'Reilly or any of those hacks who pretend to be for free markets.
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Re: The Unbelievable shame about America, NOT

Racism cuts both ways.  If 95% of white America was voting for McCain, we could conclude that there is racism.  But when the 95% of black Americans vote for Barack, should we conclude it is because of his genius or he is the same color?  Are there racists in America?  sure, and they come in all colors and stripes.  There are lots of reasons not to vote for Barack especially given that he had more than casual relationships with the "hate America types" and his openly stated plans to increase taxes.  My experience with govt taxation is like sh*t it all flows downhill. His empty resume is devoid of any serious accomplishments and he is the face of inexperience in fact his own running mate emphatically stated that many times during his presidential run.  Thankfully the compliant media that is in the tank for Obama ignores those statements.  

I hope the masses will not be disappointed as his government's tentacles spread even further into private lives under the pretext of improving it for our own good.  Just like they voted to give $850 billion taxpayer monies to banks in the bailout.  Never mind that faxes, phone calls and letters were 95% against the bailout.  Today it has become fashionable to blame Bush for all the ills this country faces.  That is sheer ignorance of the facts.  Govt does not create wealth it just taxes it.  Govt only source of revenue is taxation.  So one can conclude that govt in fact serves a parasitic function.  It is the private sector that is the source of wealth and Govt policies can impede the growth of the private sector.  So it is ignorant for any politician to claim that he can FIX the economy unless he intends to reduce the tax burden on the entire nation.  No politician has ever given back a surplus except for Sarah Palin....and no politician or party can ever control the financial markets.   

Bush's approval ratings are low @22% but Congress ratings are at 11%. 

We have REPRESENTATIVE govt. and not a kingdom.  Govt 101, we have three equal branches of govt.  Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.  President Proposes and Congress disposes.  Republicans control Executive branch and Democrats control the Legislative branch.  The Judicial branch is evenly split.  As a nation we have never been served well when the same party resides in all branches.  That will in fact be the case again if Barack is elected.  Democrats in white house and congress will elect left leaning judicial appointees and we will continue to lose our freedoms, guaranteed.  Of course they will blame Bush for the next four years and the ignorant will buy it.   

Today Americans have nothing to be ashamed about except that they are gullible to ignorant bureaucrats making laws that essentially mortgage the futures of our grandchildren.  America is still the nation where the rest of the world wants to come to.  I am an immigrant here and a proud American.  You think it is bad here, just live in almost any other part of the world and you will yearn to come back. 

The war in Iraq was probably a bad decision but never forget that Bush received overwhelming approval from both sides of the isle in CONgress.  This war costs us $100 billion a year.  Contrast that with the $2 trillion that our Democrat controlled CONgress has just given to corporate interests.  Feudalism is alive and well and the sheeple will be sheared.   

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Re: The Unbelievable shame about America- Yea

I live, work and spend more that 50% of my time overseas, so I do know what it's like to live in other countries. I am curious, with respect, what country you immigrated from?



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Optimism, you may be right

The blame game is a game that should go way back. If people here think that poor White, Black or Hispanic families are to blame, then pull your head out of your pooper. This legislation was approved a while back, and correct me if I am wrong, started with Jimmy Carter's and Bill Clinton's administrations.

If you want to sling some blame, sling it at the mortgage brokers, appraisers, banks and legislation pushed through years ago. I mean, come on! Almost everyone in America is over-leveraged on everything they own. They usually spend way beyond what they can really afford. Don't start blaming the poor for wanting a sweetheart deal on a home they could not afford. They just want what everyone else wants, home ownership. Who does not want to own a home? The lying on the applications, the pushing by the banks to jam deals through, whatever. Your going to tell me that if you were poor or even middle class and you could get a great home you always wanted, and the crooks involved in the chain said everything will be OK, you would not do it? When will these thousands of crooks be brought to justice? I know that multiple FBI investigations are happening right now, but I don't think we will see too much coming from that. I don't think we could afford to fill our jails another 10-15%.













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Re: The Unbelievable shame about America


I understand how you feel. Being outside the country you can see the US's shadow self easily. Just keep in mind other countries have racism problems too but nobody likes to remember their own nation's shortcomings when the biggest player in the game is getting an overdue pummeling. It spoils the schadenfreude.

I'm Australian and have been watching changes in US culture with great interest because I've been studying anthropology part-time since 2001. The shame IMHO belongs with the Republican Party for using every dirty trick in the book since Clinton's presidency to get themselves into power and stay there. I don't know if The Republican Party sold its soul to the corporations, or if it has been infultrated and effectively taken over by them, or if the Republican Party was always like this but the moderates are just no longer in control. At any rate they have repeatedly acted against their country's best interests and created a paranoid nation, armed to the teeth and ready to attack anyone at the slightest perception of threat based on anything at all.

Every single one of the problems the US is experiencing now could have been avoided if the causes of WWII had been learnt and taken seriously by politicians and their civil servants. Instead they let themselves be bribed and prostituted while projecting their own weaknesses onto the poor and powerless. And of course the capitalists condemn any idea that sounds vaguely Marxist or socialist as traitorous and so balanced debates could not be had.

The ordinary person is not to blame for his/her own confusion and anger while still under the influence of the elite's exploitive culture. The Republican elitists, being from wealthy families or sycophants to wealthy families, are educated enough to know better and powerful enough to do better, and yet still behave like crackheads with other people's money. That is inexcusable.

I've heard it argued recently that Enron was the first big business casualty of the narcisistic culture of corporate America.

If you're interested in the cultural angle of the crisis, I can recommend watching Enron: the smartest guys in the room and strongly recommend reading The Culture of Narcissism by Christopher Lasch which is over 25 years old but as you read it you can see his predictions and analysis at the time was spot on. 

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Re: The Unbelievable shame about America

 'America' is simply a legal fiction.  The individuals who make up the area known as 'America' have no choice in the matter as to whether or not they are considered 'Americans'.  Much like all the other individuals throughout this great living planet we collectively generally refer to as 'Earth'. 

 The use of terms to divide the populations of Earth into collectives that can be mind controlled to create disharmony is in reality just part of the conditions that are present in our current 'reality' - and very much a cause of the issues that we face today.    Interestingly enough, most of what the common man/woman considers to be 'real' is in fact simply a legal fiction presented in such a fashion that it is beyond question and thus accepted as a basic 'truth' of life in this current paradigm of thought.  

 This mind control and the basic ignorance of our collective inheritance of life on the planet is the basis for all racism.  Unfortunately, most are uncapable of seeing through the veil of bullshit that keeps them from understanding the chains that bind them to the current reality; thus keeping them from understanding the true reality of a world without lies.  

 Chris alludes to a future that is very 'different' than what we have currently experienced - as the future demands it.  

 Very astutely I would say.  Suffice it to say that what we are experiencing and what we will experience in the future is simply our oportunity to identify the lies and learn to live a life more in harmony with the truth of what it really means to be an intregal part of the life force on the planet.

 Take it or leave it, we are a part of the life force on the planet.  Some would have you believe that humanity is simply a virus or a plague on the planet.  

 I tend to believe another version of truth.  I believe that we've simply been mislead by those who've presented themselves to be Gods.  From long ago.  The systems of control that are currently in place are simply systems of control put into place by those who pretend to be Gods.  Rightfully so, those systems of control are coming to an end.  

 It's up to us all individually to evolve and realize our potential to create a reality beyond the control structures that are based on violence, and transcend to a system where we have an understanding of our position in the grand scheme of things and take our rightful place as the essence of life that embodies the  co-creative potential of the marriage of life.  

  Instead of looking at humanity as though it were a virus, the more correct understanding is that we are in fact the evolution of consciousness of our living planet.  Our place isn't one of a virus, but one where we take pride and loving considersation as being chosen to be awakened enough to protect this oasis of life in a sea of lifelessness.   

 That is our future.

 The time is coming to end the lies.  Corporations, Nations, Laws of Men.......  If it doesn't resonate true then it will end.  Rightfully so.  They want you to think of yourself as a virus because they can't control us if we realize our true potential.  We're part of the planet and once we wake up and realize our place we'll become way more than those who wish to control us can handle.  All that we've accomplished has been inspite of those who wish to control us.  

 It's funny to listen to people talk sometimes, when you realize what they are really saying.  How many people ask for permission to do something from a fiction?  Without a second thought.  I might go along with the bullshit, only because I know there are many violent individuals willing to inflict violence against me if I don't pretend to believe in their stories.  


If you're protecting against extortion - is it okay to extort to pay your wages?


I don't have an unbelievalbe shame about America.  Heck, that's simply a fiction of the mind.  If I was going to be ashamed of anything, it'd be the fact that supposedly thinking individuals couldn't figure out how lies chain them to bullshit.  And then use thier inability to understand those chains to justify inflicting negativity upon those who are actually a part of them and in the same boat as they are.  


All the while those who profit from enslaving them laugh all the way to the bank!  


Time to wake up folks.




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Re: The Unbelievable shame about America

If you want to once again have the opportunity to be proud to be an American, get out there and write in this vote to Dr. Paul. Make a statement, but keep in mind that this thing is Not over and California is a key state. Be a part of history. Even if Ron Paul doesn’t become the first write-in to get the majority of votes, you will be able to hold your head high and tell everyone you warned who didn’t take your advice that they will be directly responsible for the Depression and Anarchy that loom on the horizon.


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