Treasury Direct's national debt numbers

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Treasury Direct's national debt numbers
03/25/2010 8,200,481,797,735.73 4,487,088,355,288.20 12,687,570,153,023.93
03/26/2010 8,199,959,850,024.50 4,485,933,873,781.20 12,685,893,723,805.70
03/29/2010 8,199,927,347,284.93 4,486,322,450,430.08 12,686,249,797,715.01
03/30/2010 8,200,073,493,391.96 4,484,497,403,388.84 12,684,570,896,780.80
03/31/2010 8,290,037,831,046.49 4,483,085,265,092.94 12,773,123,096,139.43


(Link to Treasury Direct)

(Link to National Debt Clock)

(Link to U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time ....this one still has the lower number)



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Re: Treasury Direct's national debt numbers

And the treasury could get rid of all this debt instantly by creating the money with a few simple key strokes on a computer and paying off this debt and at the same time lifting this heavy tax load off of us.

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