Traveling when the SHTF?

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Traveling when the SHTF?

I regularly travel to a western european country for work and was just trying to imagine what could happen if I was away from home when something really bad happens.  I would guess the problems could happen back in the US or be in the country I am visiting.  I can imagine access to credit cards and ATMs no longer being available but I can't really imagine a scenario where things are so screwed up that I can't get back home after a short disruption.

Can anybody think of any realistic examples of what to expect?

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Re: Traveling when the SHTF?

Aye, ya ya...

Yeah, "The Argentina Perspective", by a guy named Furgeuson gave, in detail, what to expect of "domestic" travel - that is, inside the collapsed country.

Personally, I believe that traveling going to be one of the most dangerous aspects of SHTF.
You're far from your turf, under equipped and ergo, under prepared, and you are in a forced "reactive" position.

Warfare is a great example of what ambushes against roving forces can accomplish.
The model of insurgency is really just a model of violent action, and violent action has a "universal motive" adaptor on it.
If things get thick, and supplies get thin, I fully expect road agents to be one of the first "hard core" criminal elements to really begin threatening society.

Roadblocks, ambushes, coercive tolls and so fourth seem to be the logical outflow of the above concepts; as they were in Argentina and the "Wild West", continue to be in Sierra Leone and Liberia, and probably many more nations that I have no knowledge of.



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Re: Traveling when the SHTF?

When my daughter went to Germany last year for four months I thought about giving her a 1oz gold bar to take with her.  I figured that was worth enough to get a plane ticket back or live off for a few weeks. In the end I was more worried about it being lost, stolen, or confiscated, but I think it might be a good insurance policy.

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Re: Traveling when the SHTF?

If one is away from home (say, further away than your car can go on a tank of gas [or however much gas you have in the tank at the time]) when SHTF, I see two sorts of scenarios:

One:  the 'disruption' or 'interruption of services' SHTF scenario -- IMO you might be stuck for a while, but after a period of time (days?  a few weeks?) you'd be able to travel.

Two:  the 'complete collapse' SHTF scenario -- in which case IMO you'd be in a world of hurt (cf Aaron's post vis-a-vis road agents et alia, above).

Viva -- Sager

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Re: Traveling when the SHTF?

Just look at Haiti  or New Orleans to see what SHTF could look like.  But SHTF doesn't have to happen.  We have the tools to move smoothly and relatively painlessly (adjustments to lifestyle are always a little painful, but. . .)into a post-oil world.  We can all see that we are speeding toward SHTF.  So why do we keep going in that direction?  Do we have to be like the heard of buffalo run off the cliff, unable to stop ourselves?

James Howard Kunstler's World Made By Hand is an interesting read for those who wish to think about SHTF scenarios.  Much in the book is in my opinion hokey and unlikely.  But it does inspire some good thinking.

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