Tom Brown Jr. Wilderness Survival Tracker student years ago...

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Tom Brown Jr. Wilderness Survival Tracker student years ago...

Hi all,

I've just joined this board and am learning lots from you. But I need to know more and which way to go...

My background:  25 years ago I took several classes of Tom Brown's wilderness survival courses. I learned to make fire using a handdrill and bow drill, learned to track animals and set many many kinds of traps, learned to find water in most environments, learned to tan hides and make buckskin for clothes, learned how to forage for food in the forest and know which plants to use for medicines. Learned how to build a warm shelter, learned how to be invisibile, learned how to build underground caches for food and supplies. Learned to make cordage from trees and plants. Yes a lot of this stuff is the native american way to survive, this is how Tom Brown learned, from an Apache grandfather when he was a boy. Even after all these years I still practice and remember the skills he taught and want to live close to the land and honor the earth.

But will this kind of learning be helpful if the s___  hits the fan as you called it? I remember Brown telling us to get ready for a disaster back then...

Every year I grow great abundant gardens, have fruit trees and berries... I freeze some of the food or dehydrate it. I own my home on ten acres with 80 feet of river frontage off a snow packed mountain. I have tons of firewood for warnth and cooking.

I have plenty of cash in the bank and probably too much stocks.

I just got a 3 month suppy of food for 2 and started buying small amounts of gold. I have a shotgun, rifle and handgun and ammo.

What do I do now and how prepared should one be? When will "it" happen? Should I move further out? Is everyone being too paranoid or is just good to be prepared just in case?

Any advice to this 55 year old woman???









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You're In An Enviable Position
kaskade wrote:

But will this kind of learning be helpful if the s___  hits the fan as you called it?


Absolutely! No one is ever fully prepared, but I think you are better set and ready than most. Especially compared to me.

You may want to start converting some cash to precious metals buried in caches and some stocks to cash.

I don't know if you have firearms, security/contingency plans, passive solar heating, photovoltaics, or family living with you. Rural areas are vulnerable and isolated in their own way.


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kaskade, From a fellow Tom


From a fellow Tom Brown "graduate", welcome.  I'd personally ditch ALL the stocks.  I'd also split my precious metals purchases between silver and gold.  There's tons of stuff in the archives about what, where, etc. with regards to PMs.  While I realize that there's no way you can verify it, I'll offer up that if you take advice from folks here, you may want to consider if they're talking off the top of their head or if they really live what they're talking about and, in that regard, I'll say that, as of this week, I achieved my goals for financial independence planned for years ago.  Hence, I'm not recommending ditching the stocks lightly.

I don't have much time here but don't get too paranoid about what's going down.  While things are getting progressively worse and it's always good to be prepared, it's not good to be neurotic about getting prepared.  Haste makes waste.  There just isn't going to be some instant conversion to a Mad Max scenario and it's highly unlikely there will be one date where, bam, it all goes to hell.  You have time.  I wouldn't go farther out since you sound well set up where you are. 

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Hi Kaskade- I just completed

Hi Kaskade-

I just completed the Standard Course this winter. That was the most illuminating experience I've had in quite some time. Realigned my perspective to say the least.

This site has some great information and the folks all seem knowledgeable to me. Take what you can use; contribute when you can.

As far as the firearms go, I come from an EP/PSD security background so I'd have to say get some training if you can. You will be amazed at how much your skills will improve and how fast. Shooting skills are perishable so I take allot of what I expect to be repeat courses just to keep the muscle-memory sharp. I always seem to come away with another nugget of information though. Do some checking with local law enforcement to see who they recommend/use. That way you can avoid the fly-by-nights capitalizing on the current climate.

I second ao's sentiment. Can't see everything imploding overnight. Personally, I see slow, steady decline with a few big stumbles here & there on the way down. Just use your wide-angle-vision and fox-step through the debris.

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