Timing gold & silver purchase

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Timing gold & silver purchase

Trying to figure out how to time a gold & silver purchase...

I read an interesting comment that the markets are pricing in QE3 as a certainty already, but in order for the Fed to pursue QE3, markets and the economy would need to drop, in order for more QE to be justified. What if we will float from QE2 to QE3 without much of a pause or market plunge in the middle? This way gold and silver might not drop, but would just gradually continue appreciating vs. the dollar.

I'm also not convinced that gold and silver would go down along with a general drop in the markets, as Chris pointed out in one of his recent reports (he also said that he would announce when he thought would be the ideal time to buy into precious metals). Could they not rise instead, as a flight to safety?

Silver looks good at $35 right now... Gold - many think it'll drop a good ways below the current levels of $1,500-ish. I'm new to investing - please forgive the random thoughts. SmileJust trying to figure out how best to go about this.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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 I have never seen gold and

 I have never seen gold and silver prices so crazy. But it's worse than that, because US Treasuries are also out of sight. I know that folks in this forum should be down on Treasuries, but some one likes them.

This is part of the generalized "flight to quality." I cannot help but think that both metals and Treasuries are in a bubble so I would not buy either now. If you need something just to fight currency collapse, I would buy a small ($100 face of junk silver) now until the "quality" bubble bursts. THis amount would be just to carry you if there is a total collapse.

The markets are telling us that they are very, very nervous. I'm sorry but I cannot help you more than that. I told some one else not to buy silver when it was less than $20 per once because I thought it was a bubble then. So I am a terrible timer of purchases.

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Blast from the past

Wow a blast from the past from when QE3 was still a possibility and not yet official. Anyway, if one had bought during May, they'd be sitting on some gains already.

I believe timing one's purchases only matters for the short term, e.g. to get a better deal than yesterday, but measured in months and years, the present is always a good time to buy, and is always a better alternative to whatever fiat you're holding.

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Are any of you futures traders who also buy silver and/or gold?

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