This Time It's Dilated (why some countries fall into the financial black hole faster than others)

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This Time It's Dilated (why some countries fall into the financial black hole faster than others)

Article extending the black hole analogy of the global economy to the concept of "gravitational time dilation".


It's nothing new to say that we are living in a "black hole" economy, in which productive capital is continuously vacuumed up by speculative financial structures, as we continue spiraling down a non-stop path of fiscal "stimulus", bailouts and central bank monetization of debt-assets, without any chance of those capital "influxes" reaching enough velocity to escape into the real economy any time soon. As long as we continue operating under the same structures of economic organization, nothing we do will overcome that gravitational force and we will fall towards the singularity until we are wholly digested. Perhaps shreds of our former system will eventually radiate back into space, detectable to future generations, but its structures will be radically different for quite awhile.

On the other hand, you rarely ever hear the analogy extended much further than that. The productive economy is essentially being dismantled and vacuumed into another dimension, but how quickly will it happen? That question brings us to two related concepts that are frequently found in nature, and also a bit too often in modern human society - predicaments and paradoxes. As we are rapidly descending into the black hole of ponzi capitalism, a critical paradox involving time reveals itself. The closer you are situated to the event horizon of a black hole, the more gravitational force is applied (less gravitational potential) and the more time is dilated [1].

Full article - Why Some Countries Fall Into the Financial Black Hole Faster Than Others

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