The time to come

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The time to come

Hello everyone,

Over the past 9 months or so, we have relayed a great deal of information and learn from one another.  I have appreciated this time and have learned a lot from many of you.  I have titled this thread "the time to come" because I believe that the time of great upheaval and change is upon us in a very short period of time.  I say this due to information from several sources especially Gerald Celente, halfpasthuman's web bot reports as well as several articles from many non-MSM writers. As I have said before "God, I hope I am wrong" but as Chris has said before better to be early than one moment late.


 The timing I am preparing for is as follows:

 Stock market finished dead cat bounce completely and heading down drasticly starting 7/15/2009 to 8/7/2009

 Banking holiday starting 8/21/209 to 9/21/2009 and runs for approximately 4 weeks or so

 Fall of the Dollar (actually dollar dumping in earnest) as reserve currency starting 10/26/2009 to 11/7/2009 with the completion Q2 2010

 Hyper-inflation or Hyper-slumpflation starting same time as the Fall of the Dollar.

 The timing to get to our new normal and start of a sustainable society in the year 2013


We are in interesting times, times of great change for our planet and humanity. And as a species, I believe we will pull through this but it will take time, it will take hope and it will take courage.

 Best of luck all.


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Re: The time to come

mpelchat - I agree, things will start breaking again and there seems to be an echo from the pundits that it will take place in the fall.  We are having a more difficult time borrowing money and without that, things will quickly spiral out of control.

The past two administrations in washington have done everything they could to destroy this nation and it's economy - wars, huge deficits, lies and deception, etc. 


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