Three E's ?

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Three E's ?

The three E’s, economy, energy, and ecology are of course, one and the same, one being a manifestation of the other two.  It’s kind of interesting to sit back think about whether Man really has control over any of this.  Is this a system in relative or transient equilibrium?  We are part of the Earth, after all, so is it really possible to affect ecology in any meaningful way?  Sure, we can cut down on this, perhaps use more/less of that, but can we understand the real forces that control our overall environment?

 If we see our environment as controllable, are we not perhaps missing the point, that is, that we must live in concert not only with the planet, but with the ebbing and flowing, itself.  Might our short term interests of conservation, and of seeking alternatives, be missing the mark? 

 We live on this amazing sphere with a nearly closed eco-system in constant flux.  As did those centuries ago who thought the Earth to be flat, could we not be failing to perceive the obvious, that Man has no more control of His environment then he has over His mortality?




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