Is there a Ready Store or equivalent in UK or Europe

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Is there a Ready Store or equivalent in UK or Europe

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know of a Ready Store in the UK or Europe or anything similar?

I am really interested in their products but after reading about a Canadian customer who had to pay half the proce of the product supplied in order to get it shipped to them I doubt if I could afford it.


Any help, suggestions or website links would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your help.


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Try this

The bottom paragraph says they offer worldwide shipping.  Probably expensive, but available.  They claim to be the processors for other distributors.



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iGlobal/ShelfReliance for EU customers

The Ready Store used to ship to Europe until a few months ago. The European retailing partner they used (whom they liked; the margins just weren't there for them) is a company called iGlobal. I believe iGlobal now works with ShelfReliance to fulfill orders in Europe.

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Shipping to Australia

We have our wide shipping and freight network furnished all over the Australia and UK; you will find us stand for professional services and guidance around the clock at your disposal if you’re flying for any destination,



Shipping to Australia

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