Is there more gold or silver?

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Is there more gold or silver?

Question:  Is there really more gold above ground than silver?

I can't point to any one source, but it seems that when I was studing this issue last year, I learned that 100 years ago there was 1 billion ounces of gold and 6 billion ounces of silver (above ground).  Now it is reversed with only 1 billion ounces of silver and 6 billion ounces of gold.  The reason being that gold is mined every year and mostly saved while silver is used in industry.  In addition, over the years the government stockpiles have been depleted due in order to suppress the price. 

And if this is true, why is the gold/silver ratio still so high?

Thank you in advance for any further insight?

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Re: Is there more gold or silver?

yes.  Mike Maloney of the rich dad poor dad gold book has a good graphic on his goldsilver website, and a recent within last couple week discussion of this issue.  These youtube videos are pretty good. you can find them here:

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.  I like Mike's site but I'm cheap and buy my silver in smaller lots from Apmex, because he only deals in large lots.

The bottom line is the huge use of unrecyclable silver in electronics has largely exhausted the excess supply over the last decade.


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