Is there a CC logo ?

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Is there a CC logo ?

Hi everyone,

I had the pleasure of listening to Chris' talk in London last week and one of the questions that came up was promotion of the Crash Course.

A thought occurred to me was the way televisions manufactures recently promoted a change within their industry, and the introduction of HD many TV's have been sold in shops with a "HD Ready" logo attached to it. Most prospective customers have been given the “foresight” that High Definition television is just around the corner, just by a simple logo.

My thought here is couldn't the Crash Course be promoted via a small logo that can be attached to an email/website maybe even a business card in a similar fashion.

"Peak Oil Aware" or maybe "POA" and this could directly link to the Crash Course.

Maybe the design could even incorporate an elongated 0 .... p0a and a curve to represent Hubbert’s Curve.

I would be happy to incorporate a small logo on my emails to say that I'm "Peak oil aware" and then maybe others who are also "Aware" would have no trouble identifying each other, as well as people who are not aware just might have the curiosity to click it.


Anyway, just a thought.


All the very best, and please keep up the good work.



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Re: Is there a CC logo ?

On the sleeve for the DVDs there is a graphic showing a single human form approaching a divergence in two graph lines.  One line heads up, the other heads down.  That might be it or the closest thing to a CC logo.  I've loaned mine to a friend, so I can't check for other logo-like graphics right now. 

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Re: Is there a CC logo ?

Great idea(s), Silent Reader!  I like the idea of the link that connects you to other sites that are peak oil aware, etc.   Kind of like a bunch of neurons making connections...

As far as a logo for the CC, I could imagine something that illustrates one or more of the key concepts associated with the CC, such as:

- Something that symbolizes the 3 E's, and their interaction; Energy (Peak oil, etc.), Environment/Resources, and the Economy.  Maybe each one should have its own symbol, so various sites could market their particular cause-affiliations.. 

- Truth/Seeing Truth;

- Change (as in "the next 20 years are going to be very different from the last 20 years");

- Directed change - I.e. "Change by design, not by disaster" (Chris's phrase from one of his recent west coast talks);

- Living responsibly, respectfully, within natural limits;

- Others?

I think it would also be important to ID the goals you were trying to achieve with the logo, Silent Reader has some great ones. 

If Chris were interested, one way to do it might be to have a contest, like he did with the DVD cover.  There area so many creative, intelligent  people here, I bet you'd get some tremendous designs. 

 Just thinking "out loud"!:)


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