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Thank you!

I have been reading and studying these issues during the past 3 years, after I learned about peak oil. I am changing my life accordingly, and trying to get my reticent family to follow. This Crash Course is the best document I have seen on the subject. It should be part of required reading to pass High School!
Where I am from (France), we learn enough in school to understand which one of the present candidates is right on the economy, that one would easily get 80% of the votes there, while the polls show a 50/50 split in the US population. That tells me there is a deep deficiency in US education.
One point should be noted regarding this, that could produce one more positive feedback to a failing economy: a Nation invests in the future when it provides free or affordable education for its children. When these children, once adult productive workers, emigrate to the US, they bring their native country's investment in their education, into the US. This represents a constant influx of non-monetary "capital" to the US. Once our economy falters, this influx will drop, due to less incentive for educated workers to come here. This will affect the future of this country.
Thank you for all this work, this is fantastic!

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A cliff hanger!
Chris, it's like waiting for the next episode of a soap opera :-) Can't wait for Chapter 20. Thanks for all your hard work!!!

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