TED talk: Paul Gilding: The Earth is full

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TED talk: Paul Gilding: The Earth is full

 This video might serve as a very compelling intro to the Crash Course. This talk is accessible and engaging, then the Crash Course provides the supporting data and arguments.


  • “It takes a good crisis to get us going. When we feel fear and we fear loss we are capable of quite extraordinary things.”
  • “Our system of debt-fueled economic growth, of ineffective democracy, of overloading planet Earth — is eating itself alive.”
  • “The Earth doesn't care what we need; Mother Nature doesn't negotiate.”
  • “Thanks to those pesky laws of physics, when things aren't sustainable, they stop.”


Watch this talk »



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Some quotes

"Not only can we afford it, it would be cheaper for us. And yet we do nothing."

"We're not going to act until this crisis hits the economy... When will this happen? In my view it's already begun... Occupy protests... spiraling debt crisis... growing inequality... money's influence on politics.... resource constraints... This is a system in the painful process of breaking down."

"The crisis is inevitable. The issue is how will we react."

"Imagine China, India, Pakistan... at war over food and oil... 30% unemployment in America... What does that mean for you?"

Always good to hear it said different ways.


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