Sustainable communities in Canada?

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Sustainable communities in Canada?

Hi Folks,

I would like to know if any of you know of a community in Canada that is (a) aware of the Crash Course or (b) at least concerned with living within our energy means.  

I live in Ontario.  I'd like to know.  However, if the community you know of is in British Columbia, feel free.

I am not interested in co-housing/communes etc etc, just simply perhaps a neighbourhood where there might be 1-5 acre properties where others are reaching out towards sustainability/resilience/reduction of energy footprint.

Anyone know of anything?


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Re: Sustainable communities in Canada?

I have my parents that are well established in a small village in Quebec... They are pretty much alone preparing, but they sure would like some company too :)

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Re: Sustainable communities in Canada?

Hi guardia,

Can you please provide more details on that village in Quebec?

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Re: Sustainable communities in Canada?

I used to live in downtown Ottawa.  Not sure how this came about, but there is the tightest community there of extremely involved, enviro-sensitive, informed, generous, peace and party loving (and well established and well connected, I might add) people I have ever met in my life.  I mean at least over 30 or 40 households.  Not sure if they are into the CC, but I'm sure they would be open to hearing about it.

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Re: Sustainable communities in Canada?

I live in a rural area just north of Kingston, Ontario on a 2-acre property, so I guess I'm in the demographic you are looking for.  Problem is, I'm in a community of one in the sense of preparing for peak oil, although I have my suspicions about my neighbours across the road, who also live on a 2 acre property and who are unusually keen on vegetable gardening.

I'd be interested to hear of like minded people in my area, and to that end it would be very helpful if people posting replies could indicate whether they are Eastern, Western or Northern Ontario, as Ontario is a big place and most of the action at the moment seems to be in Western Ontario (Greater Toronto area), and very little in my patch of Eastern Ontario.

You might be interested to see my contribution to post peak living:


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