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Survey says.....

I have been getting an exponentially uneasy feeling over the last week.  I admit it is primarily a gut feel, based, I presume, on a mostly unconscious mental evaluation of all the inputs I have been receiving lately.  I, like CM, was trained as a scientist, and therefore do not like making statements like this that can not be backed up with hard empirical evidence, however, I also remember CM's recommendation to go with you gut.   Enough background,  my unscientific question is this  "do those of us who have been trying to cope and hopefully help with a peaceful transition to a much different way of life than we grew up with, have a feeling that we are entering a period of very rapid change (disruption) that could very well begin in the next 3 -6 months?"  There are a number of decisions most of us our ready to make, but are deferring,  as long as we believe we are not on the vertical part of the hockey stick regarding rate of change (disruption).  On the other hand, we don't want to find ourselves at Bartlett's proverbial 11:59 with only one minute to go before the final doubling puts us all under water, and wishing we had made those decisions in time.   Overnight the Dollar fell pretty hard, gold is up sharply this morning, however, 10 yr T Note  keeps trending lower, now at 3.44%.  While admittedly, very unscientific, I would be very interested, and appreciative to know the collective "gut feel" of the CM community. 

Thank you.

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Re: Survey says.....


if there is one thing that the markets have taught me over the years, is that impending change comes at a much slower pace than is expected. The emotional ramifications inherit to the possibility of missing the boat, tend to be the foundation of poor decisions. To put it another way, if you feel that you are unprepared for events that you perceive in your (our) future, then by all means make preparations. But don't rush this preparation process because of a gut feeling.

The emotion of fear is experienced in the gut. And if you act on it, it puts you in the herd, and the herd is no place you want to be in a time of crisis. Prepare yourself so that you can more easily ignore the fear in your gut, and make intelligent decisions during times of crisis, whether they come or not.

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Re: Survey says.....


I have had about 3-4 time periods over the past year where I developed that same very uneasy feeling.  Nothing happened and the feeling subsided.  The empiric evidence is clear that we face dramatic changes in the future, but predicting exactly when is difficult.  I believe there are too many variables to accurately predict when TSHTF.  (For me, TSHTF when the currency really starts collapsing).  

Remember, CM said "better be a year too soon, than a day too late."  If preparing means buying gold for you, you should not worry whether the price is $875/oz or $950.  It's irrelevant.   I think the bottom line is, prepare now so you dont have to worry about guessing when things will really get going. 

Will rapid changes occur in the next 3-6 months?  I just don't know and I don't trust my own gut on that one.  CM has indicated in that past that we'll will likely head on a steady downhill hill course, with intermittent shocks and disruptions.  A complete rapid collapse is less likely.


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Re: Survey says.....
I think that your "gut" feeling is based on mathematical logic supersceding the corporate media spin and government misrepresenatations.  We are collapsing on many fronts and either government and their banking masters are in denial or they are purposely misleading us.
The pressure keeps building and building, sooner or later we are going to see a sudden shift in the status quo.  CM has presented the "trip wires" and mile markers to watch for and one by one, they are occuring.  Here are a few that concern me:
  • Government is preparing for massive civil disturbances.  The Pentagon is asking to call up 400,000 federal troops to be on the ready.
  • We are now monetizing our own debt as foreign investors seem to be decoupling from our economy.
  • Social security cash flow may soon become negative.  Social Security could face a default within two years, according to U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus who met with The Tuscaloosa News editorial board Tuesday. 
  • In 1933, America realized a sudden dollar devaluation of 41%.  A banking holiday may be coming our way again and with it, a massive dollar devaluation.
I think we are better off "over-preparing" rather than to parse our actions consistent with what others are doing and what the corporate media implies.  I don't want to sound too pessimistic as I think we have the opoortunity to fix things.  The starting point will be when the people in mass, demand an end to the un-Federal reserve system that is at the core of 99% of our financial problems.
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Re: Survey says.....

Myself: I think this will come like a thief in the night, I remember the bewildered, frightened look on faces last fall.

No matter the preparation I'd be mentally prepared to thrive in chaos. 

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Re: Survey says.....

Because "IT" could happen at any time & in ways too numerous to fathom, I have (after many loops through denial/bargaining/acceptance) come to the place of simply pursuing my prep agenda with a sense of dispatch and also calm.  One foot in fronta the other.  

If I allowed any/all of my "gut instinct" moments to guide me/overtake me I would get so much less actually *done*.  Panic leads to poor decision making and/or paralysis IME.  Cool head main thing, bro!  [or sis!]

Don't get me wrong.  Until recently, I've never understood in quite such an exquisitely fine way just how vast and interconnected the edifice is that supports our modern way o'life.  And the more I learn about how the fundamentals are shot to shizzle....  Well, me & mine are moving quickly but orderly towards the exits.    

Viva -- Sager

P.S.  And, FWIW, I'm cool with the "less text edit formatting options".  The pages seem to load *quick* these days.  Thanks all you Adminny-Type-Folks!!!


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