SUPERPOWER: documentary

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SUPERPOWER: documentary

SUPERPOWER: The Truth Can Be Hidden

"The only thing new in the world is the history you don't know."   -Harry S. Truman


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Re: SUPERPOWER: documentary

Once again zo you have managed to post a redundant thread. Please either read other posts ofr look things up before posting. the search box in the upper right corner is a very handy tool to keep the site clean and efficient.

VF posted all the episodes from youtube


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Re: SUPERPOWER: documentary

I missed this the first time.  Thanks to you both for bringing it to my attention.  Best!

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Re: SUPERPOWER: documentary


The film Superpower was pulled by You Tube on that thread shortly after I posted it in January of this year, and nolonger exists there ...Cry... 

I couldn't find a new "naughty You Tube copy to post here, but I did find this tidy excerptWink : -


~ VF ~

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