Suggestion on buying stock (company)

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Suggestion on buying stock (company)


 I am looking for a way to buy some stocks with low cost but as much flexibility as possible. Any suggestions?


my wife's 401K is done through fidelity but seems to limited in flexibility and can not pic individual stocks ect...

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Re: Suggestion on buying stock (company)



Can you elaborate a bit on what you're asking?   I can't tell if you're asking how to buy low cost stocks or if you're asking how to buy stocks at a low cost (ie commissions).

By "Flexibility", I'm guessing that you are referring to the ability to buy or sell them quickly & easily.  Flexibility is a given with buying stocks, "IF" you are buying stocks that are very liquid, ie ample trading volume.      

Two things immediately come to mind....1) be careful of semantics.   "Low Cost" could mean penny stocks which, (and I'm gonna guess from your question that you're new to investing/trading)  is something that might be best to steer away from as a novice.  "LowCost"  could also mean stocks that are priced under a certain dollar amount.  Stocks trade for what they're worth and if they're "cheap", there is usually a good reason "why" they're cheap.   It is not uncommon for people to want to find a lump of stock market coal that quickly turns into a diamond.  It "can" happen...and there are also people that win the lottery....

2) Education is the best thing to invest in, when starting out, as opposed to looking for a stock to invest in.

Forgive me for being presumptuous (sp?)...If I'm off-base, set me straight.  There are many posts on this site related to how to get started and/or what to do within a 401k. 

JL Lord


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