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Subscribe to iTulip?

Anyone here an iTulip subscriber?  Is it worth it?

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Re: Subscribe to iTulip?

I just recently subscribed for 1 month to check it out. I think the writing is valuable, but there are a lot of grammatical errors. Also the site itself seems very unorganized, so it has been difficult for me to find archived material. Overall, I don't think I will subscribe again, at least not for some time. That being said, I think I got my $30 s worth, there is some good info. You might want to give it a try for a month. 


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Re: Subscribe to iTulip?

First...I view Itulip and this site have differing goals.  Chris...Crash Course.  Itulip is focusing on this event (bubble) which is now well underway

The subscription cost is the same.

Eric Janzen's post are of similar quality as Chris.  Lately, Chris has reduced his frequency of comments so Eric's more frequent posts might be useful.

His post yesterday is particularly insightful w/r/t where we are and issues making things worse or better.  Often...he uses lots of data to support his posts which I like.  His prognosis in the past are accurate overall..and have tended to be correct...but mostly conservative on this he is not a "doomer".   His latest forecast for this event is fall of 4 to 12 percent reduction in GDP over the next 18 to 60 months as best/mean/worst case scenarios he posted about a week ago (an excellent explanation of assumptions, why, uncertainties and so on).  

His verbiage is excellent.  Here's an small example from yesterday (need his charts to fully grasp):


Eric Jansen wrote:

"...when the tax revenues are counted and come in well below official projections and current expectations.  and the true cost of the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 becomes known, we will not want to be holding long term Treasury bills or US stocks. Between now and then, we will be searching out alternatives to gold and short term Treasuries to hedge the possibility that around the same time a fiscal deficit epiphany occurs, markets will start to catch wind of inflation caused by the simultaneous collision of a rising money supply and supply destruction running ahead of demand destruction due to the collapse of credit and capital intensive industries.

Boldface added

Forum's are essentially similar in quality...depends on what your looking for.  Find Chris Martenson site is more user friendly.

If your goal is continued understanding...might be worthwhile to try for a month or a few months.  Maybe a worthy second opinion?

Hope Helps,




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In my opinion, not any more.

In my opinion, not any more.  They use to post some interesting and informative articles on a regular basis, but if you look at their home page, most everything appears to be stale and out of date by at least a year or more.  The only current items seem to be comments made by the readers on their forums. I understand that sometimes EJ will make individual comments on things, but you have to really search through their board to find them.  Certainly not worth what they charge in subscriber fees in my opinion. 

As an alternative, Peak Prosperity seems to be much more current and interesting, although sometimes it can seem a little like "doomer porn' with discussions of so many different black swan events that could potentially happen.  If you want another source in addition to Peak Prosperity that has more of a business focus like iTulip use to have, you could try EJ's Aftershock co-authors' site Aftershock Publishing.  I think Chris interviewed them in the past, and they were very informative.

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