Strange robot trades charts

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Strange robot trades charts

I just came across the strangest charts of robot stock trades I've  ever seen, thousands of trades are being made in milleseconds that don't appear to be the usual high frequency trades. Have a look, very interesting and scary at the same time...

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Re: Strange robot trades charts

This is the same story as

The SEC is "looking into this to see if market manipulation is going on."  For real?  You're not sure?

This has been noted on here (I think) before.  Some one posted a video about trades like this a few months back and the video showed how the market was moved by it.  I cannot find it now.  I don't know what it was called.  If I find it I'll post it.  If anyone else does could they post it??

At least the SEC is finally admitting this happens ,  even if "they aren't sure" if this is illegal.  Doh!

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