The strange case of falling international reserves

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The strange case of falling international reserves

I recently found this article by Hugo Salinas Price. (I especially liked his idea about reintroducing gold and silver in parallell with fiat money, you can see his presentations of that on the Goldrush dvd from GATA).

The numbers are already a few months old, but they already contained a warning. What kind of warning was and is still not clear.

Did anyone see new numbers or opinions what this meant?

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Re: The strange case of falling international reserves

Interesting artical, however looking at his graph shows that about every 18 years there was a reduction for about the same period of time (1982 and 1999).   Is this insanity over (meaning the insanity of making money from nothing), I have no idea, however every once in a while there are reductions.

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Re: The strange case of falling international reserves

Thanks for the post...The central banks have been manipulating the gold market which inevitably requires large chunks of gold to be sold off.  They leased and loaned gold out in a successful attempt to keep the price of gold from taking traction in a sustainable bull market.

Sooner or later, some gold must be sold as paper alone does not work forever (for example, Comex eventually requires some deliveries). 


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