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The story of stuff


A brilliant video:


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Re: The story of stuff

I'd seen this before but just wanted to add its great for showing to people who have little or no idea about the system we live in and how it functions. This is an easy way to show them why it doesnt work in the long run.

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Re: The story of stuff
WhoKnew wrote:

...This is an easy way to show them why it doesnt work in the long run.

Well said. This is a great little video. I think it easily sums up what the true deep root causes of the problems really are.

We've simply been brainwashed into wanting more and more this is why the economy is based on an infinite growth model.

We're stuck in a hole and we just keep digging. The only way out now is at the bottom but that bottom is at the edge of a cliff. The current system must fail if we even want a fighting chance.

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Re: The story of stuff


Great post.  This could be used as a primer to the material in the Crash Course because it quickly illustrates how our system is unsustainable.

I liked the ending which is an illustration of the concepts of the book Natural Capitalism - especially since I'm a proponent of sustainable agriculture.  I also like the concept of "living communities" which is an illustration of the book Deep Economy.

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