Steampunk and Peak Resources

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Steampunk and Peak Resources


Just wanted to share an editorial I wrote on the topic of our cultural fascination with Steampunk stories and how that relates to peak oil and peak water, etc, over at my magazine.

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Nuclear for cars?


Nice article..

safewrite wrote:

Fresh water and petroleum are not the only resources growing scarcer by the day. I could go on and on about the well-documented shortages in rare earths, and the coming shortages in uranium for nuclear power, and nuclear is the only power source so far that comes close to replacing fossil fuels in its energy potential. And nuclear energy, if anyone even wants to go there after Fukashima, is not a liquid fuel. Using  nuclear energy to run our cars is as scientifically far-fetched as Star Trek‘s transporter machines.

A bit less far-fetched, with an energy source you can generate liquid fuels for cars. 

     Green Freedom Overview - A Concept for Producing Carbon-Neutral Synthetic Fuels and Chemicals


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