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Spreading the word

I'm still very new to this site and went through all the possible stages from denying to fear and finally acceptance, just as Chris pointed out on this site. It's funny that he could even predict that.

Like most of you, I'd prefer staying anonymous, but I decided to go public instead. I do run a company that I was able to build as a result of a successful blog, which has some thousand unique readers per month. It was a tough decision writing this article (http://www.stunnware.com/crm2/topic.aspx?id=crisis1), but I finally did to get the message out as good as I can.

What I'm interested in is a list of sites doing the same, because I do believe that is important to let others know what we are thinking. As long as it's being discussed in a back room only, most people will not listen. But when it's moving to more public spaces - and the Internet is, besides TV and newspapers, the most important public space - then it sooner or later catches your attention.

Anyway, I hope it drives some extra visitors to the site and helps maintaining it.


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Re: Spreading the word

To get this site out to the thousands of people who should take the Crash Course is an almost impossible task. I run into so many excuses for not taking the time that I am tempted at times to throw up my hands and say "OK you dumb asses, go on in your ignorant path. It wont be too long before you have to take notice".  I have succeeded with a few of the people I have contact with, but many say things like "I already know all that", and  when they also say in virtually the same breath that "the people won't allow it of the government won't let it happen", then you know.


I think that when I took the course the first time I had already passed most of the six steps. At the time I first took it, the last two chapters were not yet done, but at the end I sat back stunned! It put all the disparate pieces I had into place in a comprehensible way so that I really understood. I spent the rest of the political campaign listening to the talk saying to myself "When are you people going to stop shuffling the deck chairs here on the Titanic and start doing something useful like preparing us for what is coming?" Congress has had at least 3 presentations about peak oil and consequences so they are aware of the problem. The mayor here in Albuquerque, NM has pushed thru large increases in the transit system over lots of protesting and the Governor has done the same thing with a commuter train going from the center of the state to the Capitol in Santa Fe. He bought the track from BNSF all the way from Belen, NM to the Colorado state line so that the state will soon have passenger/rail capability all the way from El Paso, TX to Trinidad CO. At the time much of this was done, I opposed it. After the crash course, I saw that the Mayor and Governor already knew and were taking action! Approximately 20,000 vehicles commute between Albuquerque and Santa Fe every work day, most carrying only one or at most 2 people for the 100+ mile round trip. At 25 miles per gallon, that is about 80,000 gallons of gas/diesel a day! The 'rail runner' commuter train currently only carries about 3000 passengers a day but they have enough locomotives and cars to carry 5 times that many (but will not serve Santa Fe until the track is done in December since the Capitol was on a little used spur and not the main line). So maybe here, at least, people who work and commute have much of the infrastructure they are going to need already in place.


How is it going elsewhere I wonder?



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Re: Spreading the word

Michael, I admire your courage!!  And that's a great from-the-heart letter to your readership at your website.  I hope you get positive feedback from them.  But even if you get some negative feedback, you can take pride in the fact that you are proactively trying to make a difference in the future your children and mine will inherit from us.  Heck, I don't even know you, but I'm proud of your courage to speak out like that!

Let us know how it goes for you!

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