So if corporations are people......

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So if corporations are people......

If corporations are people then aren't some reparations in order??  And aren't there some extra issues that need to be resolved??

Like,  if they are people,  isn't owning them then slavery??

If there is a merger - two people merging - isn't that a civil union??  Do corporations have a gender??

If one corporation buys one from another country does it become a person here too?  Does it have to get a green card??

If one buyer buys out a company and takes it apart, splitting it into pieces and selling off the assets did he just commit murder??

Can they be obligated to register for the civil service?

So do we owe them reparations for past denial of their rights??

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Re: So if corporations are people......

Well, I think Jon Stewart explains it better than anyone.

Start at the 7:00 minute point.

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Re: So if corporations are people......


Great points land2341

Isn't banning short selling abortion?

If corporations are people then when they are found guilty of wrong doing shouldn't everyone in the 'corporation' go to jail? It could be like a really terrible company party.

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