Snuck in under the cover of Christmas Eve....

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Snuck in under the cover of Christmas Eve....

Snuck in under the cover of Christmas Eve...


More Satanic monetary policy from the US Treasury. This is not a drill; this mess is going over a cliff, sooner... or later.


Either Geithner is the most moronic SecTreas we have ever had, or he is a stooge for administration forces that care only about agenda and know or care nothing of economics.


Again I will ask, how are they going to fund these dead legacy mortgages, these remnants of a failed system, with the treasury market posturing rebellion? Are they going to seize your IRA and direct you to buy T-bonds? Are they going to 'engineer' a market crash, driving the herd back into treasuries so that the inflation machinery can get cranked up again? How are they going to fund this insanity? Taxation alone? I don't think so.


Along with the material gifts our children receive this morning, maybe our most important gift will be in sincerely hoping this insanity fails miserably and we get the crash we deserve, right here and now so WE can start paying the bills and picking up the pieces as a new system eventually rises from the ashes. Because the old system is being run by what look like the worst batch yet of macro Wizards.


I am off to continue celebrating with real people and will again suspend my revulsion about this. I will continue attempting to protect my family as best as possible by navigating the often Wonderland-like aspects of this fantasy and playing the cards they give me.


Meanwhile, sent in by a reader:

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Re: Snuck in under the cover of Christmas Eve....

Kind of like raising the national debt ceiling earlier this month.  Now they can be 'frugal' in the 2010 election year.Frown

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Re: Snuck in under the cover of Christmas Eve....


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Re: Snuck in under the cover of Christmas Eve....

One thing I'm thankful for this time of year is having a site like this that continues to expose the massive fraud. I think it was Chris who said that most of these shenanigans happen on weekends or holidays when they think no one is watching. Well, more and more people are watching now. Yeah, it makes me angry seeing it now as it happens, but I have hope that the end of this madness is near and a new beginning, one that is better for all of us, can come to bear.

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Re: Snuck in under the cover of Christmas Eve....

Newton's first law of market physics applies here. Keep dreaming bankers.

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Re: Snuck in under the cover of Christmas Eve....

Is it this, what you meant?

I've found only a short report & not in the more serious papers like "Spiegel" or so, it was reported in Germanys most popular "Yellow Journal" (Bild-Zeitung). Found it interesting, that the serious MSM don't report over these decicions.

Best greetings from Germany


Bild Zeitung online 25.12.2009

And the banks agree even more
The USA reel in the financial abyss and spend, nevertheless, further cheerfully money.
the US government put to both state banks Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac now Blank
Cheque from – to the stopper of her holes...
The groggy US-Immobilienfinanzierer Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae receive in him
to the coming three years of state facilities by unrestricted height. The up to now valid border of 400
Milliards dollars for injections of capital to both mortgage giants has been lifted, explained
the Ministry of Finance.
The announcement might have a bitter flavour for the Americans. Around the state bankruptcy
to turn away, the US congress on Thursday approved an other increase of her
New indebtedness!
The state may take up 290 milliard dollars, in addition. All together the national debts amount
of the USA on 12.4 billions dollar. For comparison: About 50 billions dollar are worldwide generally only
in the circulation!
The Ministry of Finance had warned about the fact, that the USA the present debt upper limit
still before end of the year could reach and with it ran the risk, the debts for the first time in
not to be able to serve of the history of the country any more.
Both Immobilienfinanzierer Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae became in September, 2008 because of theirs
of menacing bankruptcy in state care taken and up to now with 111 milliard dollars of tax money
Both biggest Baufinanzierer of the country played a determining role on him
Property market.

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