Site statistics - tracking where we are and how we're doing

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Site statistics - tracking where we are and how we're doing

This site's reach and traffic are both headed in the right direction

One of the primary goals of the site is getting as many people as possible to view the crash course.  Within this general expansion of numbers of views, we also want to push the Crash Course concepts "up the food chain" into the centers of influence.

This means into more mainstream news sources (print, radio and TV) and into the hands of more and more influential thinkers, foundations and politicians.

We have a couple of pretty good ways of measuring "reach" by numbers and those are the Alexa site rankings and Google Analytics.

Alexa rankings

The Alexa site rankings are freely available to anybody and you can verify these for yourself by going to and typing in "" into their search bar.

Here's what came back today:



I've drawn a blue box around the "percent of global internet users" because I want to illustrate that we've even made it to a measurable number.  This is really pretty good. What would it take to get to 1%?  5%?  What percentage would tell us that "we did it!"?

Next the red box is drawn around Alexa's somewhat mysterious "traffic ranking".  I don't entirely get it, but I do know that a lower number is better and that to break under 100,000 is an excellent accomplishment.  Kudos everyone.

Also of interest is that 65% of the site traffic comes from the US and 35% from the rest of the world.  That makes this site a bit more international than most in this 'genre' (if we even have one...I am comparing to other energy, environment and economic websites such as Mish).

And finally the Red arrow indicates that I stand a good chance of getting a free beer the next time I travel to Austria.  These are all positive signs. 

Google Analytics

Google has a service that I subscribe to that is not freely available so all I can do is post these snapshots of today's numbers.  Google analytics does a smashing job of aggregating and presenting this site's traffic in more ways than I yet know.

These data are from the past 30 days.

First, at the highest level, we are averaging just under 10k visits per day and have logged nearly 100k unique visitors over the past month.  When you post a comment here, it is pretty widely viewed.



Countries of visitors

The interesting part, to me, is where these visits are coming from. Below I've taken a snapshot of the countries that logged more than 1,000 visits over the past 30 days.  Clearly getting the translations done would be an important step in reaching a wider audience.  I hope to have an update on the translation efforts soon.



And finally, here are the pages that are being viewed. If you'll note, and not surprisingly , the crash course is a very popular set of pages.  I am prepared to lose a lot of site traffic now that we've released the Crash Course to the wide world for free via BitTorrent and at cost via the DVDs.  

Interestingly, in the red box,  Chapter 20 has vaulted way up the charts. I assume this is due to the fact that we left Ch 20 off the end of the released versions and that this movement up the charts reflects people coming to the site for the ending.

I will also note with some dismay that a lot of people are viewing the first few chapters and then dropping out.  At least that's what the consistent month-after-month dominance of the top of the chart by the first three chapters tells me. 

Given this, one of my priorities for the "next pass" (v 2.0) of the Crash Course is to make the beginning more dramatic and compelling so as to avoid losing these folks so early in the process.



That's the update.

Let me know if you see anything else of interest in these numbers or if you have any ideas or suggestions.  I plan to update these numbers as we go along.

Oh yeah - the goal?  5 million viewings of the Crash Course next year.

This is where the Brigade comes in.

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Re: Site statistics - tracking where we are and how we're ...

Thank you Chris.

I am anxious to see what the DVD does for visits. I would expect a big jump from the distribution.

Ron Fink

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Re: Site statistics - tracking where we are and how we're ...

Mr. Martenson

I found CC#4 to be very captivating in that it demonstrates very clearly the point you are trying to make in regard to exponential growth. It might help as a hook to move it into CC#1 to get the point of the whole CC in the viewers face as soon as possible.

When I tell people about the CC I usually tell them if they don't have time to watch the whole thing at least watch CC#'s 4, 17abc, and 18 and hopefully by this time they will want to watch the whole thing.

My 2 cents,


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Mike Pilat
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Re: Site statistics - tracking where we are and how we're ...

Just a random thought on the "updating the first 3 chapters" idea:

It might be easy for me to accept and understand the power of the Crash Course as someone with a technical background who has also studied econ and finance. But there has to be a compelling way that the first 3 chapters connect the world that "Joe Sixpack" sees everyday with evidence and facts and basic concepts. The concepts are hinted at, but not fully exposed in the first few chapters.

I can't criticize the Crash Course because I believe it is excellent, but I would humbly suggest that perhaps incorporating the specific events that we've seen happen or tapping into the many questions and concerns that people might have on the economy would make a world of difference.

Perhaps it's a surprise to a lot of us, but I don't think the average person even knows what the TARP is, let alone what it stands for or its implications. Some people are swamped with an alphabet soup of political and bureacratic gibberish on tv and they want simple answers to their basic questions. I think the average person is skeptical (at best) about the bailouts, but their reasons stem soley from a sense of injustice rather than a sense of pragmatism.

Perhaps the first 3 chapters don't need to be altered, but an up to date "intro" / "state of things" chapter could be created. This could be updated every now and then and could in some way speak to what everyone sees on the tv every night. Unfortunately, that's where most people get their "news" (entertainment).

Just some thoughts,



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Re: Site statistics - tracking where we are and how we're ...

Thanks to Chris for an awesome site.  It's one of only
a handful of sites where I can go to get clear and unbiased opinion backed at
its core by... mathematics.  There are very few resources that are not
written or influenced by funds and/or media conglomerates, etc.  I’ll do my best to promote.


I’ll be burning my own copies of the crash course and
handing them out to friends/family at various get-togethers this season.  I would encourage others to do the
same.  We need exponential growth!


Kelly Graves

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Re: Site statistics - tracking where we are and how we're ...

I don't know about anybody else, but I can always think about things better when I see them visually.  When I saw the data below, I was blown away.  These graphs show that in relation to the total number of people thinking about the issues that the CC focuses on, Chris is gaining substantial exposure. What follows is a copy of a post that I made on Dec. 7th:

Below are a series of graphs from Google Trends, showing how many times the term "Chris Martenson" (in blue) was searched for on the internet, in relation to various other search terms (in red).  Bear in mind that those who have already found Chris' website will no longer be typing "Chris Martenson" into a search engine, and so the blue line under-reports total interest.

Economic recession [red]; Chris Martenson [blue] :



Trade deficit [red] ; Chris Martenson [blue] :



Hyperinflation [red]; Chris Martenson [blue]:




Fiat currency [red]; Chris Martenson [blue] :



Reserve currency [red]; Chris Martenson [blue] :


The above chart, for example, shows that now slightly more people are searching for the words "Chris Martenson" on the internet as are searching for the words "reserve currency."

If this is not compelling evidence that the message of this website has reached many hundreds of thousands of people, and at least a great many of those who are otherwise reading about the topics which Chris addresses, than I don't know what would be.  Below is a comparison of "reserve currency" and "Chris Martenson" with "fabric softener," a relatively stable search term, over a longer time period.

 "Fabric softener" [yellow], "reserve currency" [blue], "Chris Martenson" [green], "US recession" [red]:



Clearly, the message of Chris Martenson has entered the popular psyche, and will almost certainly have an effect on the thinking of people all over the world.

The real challenge facing us is illustrated by the graph below.  Note that only one search term is even visible on the chart.  No explanation necessary:

"US recession" [blue], "Paris Hilton" [red]


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Re: Site statistics - tracking where we are and how we're ...

I'm glad to see that numbers are up and the word it getting out.

Now I hope that somehow the site can be profitable for Chris.  He deserves it, plus money is needed to keep a site of this size running. 

This site has some interesting stats, too, and offers some free tools:

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Re: Site statistics - tracking where we are and how we're ...
cmartenson wrote:

That's the update.

Let me know if you see anything else of interest in these numbers or if you have any ideas or suggestions.  I plan to update these numbers as we go along.

Oh yeah - the goal?  5 million viewings of the Crash Course next year.

This is where the Brigade comes in.

I found all chapters 17 and 18 to be especially interesting. (the example with the dumpster truck in the copper mine was a wake- up call for me) 


Best reg.

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Re: Site statistics - tracking where we are and how we're ...

If you've got the actual analytics from your analytics tags in your pages, that's going to hugely accurate, and it's nice that you share this with us.  Another site I've always used that seems much more accurate than Alexa is (for those of us who don't have your anlaytics access but are still interested in traffic #'s):

I also think the Chapters 17 were great, and scary enough to convince people to watch the whole thing.  I tried showing the course to some people not too familiar with economics and the first chapters did not grab them.  So I'm not sure how you could move up energy & the environment to the front, but it might help.

My 2 cents.


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Re: Site statistics - tracking where we are and how we're ...

Top Keywords Driving Traffic:

  1. chris martenson
  2. crash course
  3. fuzzy numbers
  5. excel calculated item

I can only infer from number 5 that a large number of accountants are accidentally finding themselves at  That's great!

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Re: Site statistics - tracking where we are and how we're ...
LaFanze wrote:


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Golden Age
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Re: Site statistics - tracking where we are and how we're ...

This web site is one I visit every day.  I have recommended CM to family and friends.  I appreciate the information Chris has so graciously shared with us and I appreciate the message boards for the intelligent dialogue with others, the sharing of differing viewpoints from varying backgrounds.  

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