Sirius XM Investors Mount Grassroots Effort for SEC Reform

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Sirius XM Investors Mount Grassroots Effort for SEC Reform

'Stock Shock-The Movie' is being used to rally SEC to reinstate uptick rule.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., July 22 /PRNewswire/ -- "Stock Shock-The Movie" is sending shock-waves through the offices of the SEC as regulators receive DVD's everyday in the mail. Disillusioned Sirius XM investors have embraced the movie that tells their story and now are sending their new and used copies directly to the Securities Exchange Commission. In addition to telling the general history of Sirius XM satellite radio, the movie lays out a compelling case that the stock of this company has been heavily and illegally manipulated, both through naked shorting and also through more standard manipulation tactics.


One investor writes, "I enclose with this letter a DVD copy of the movie: Stock Shock. It is the failure of the SEC to so much as ask the right questions that has ruined its reputation among American investors. The idea that independent movie makers have to produce a feature length movie about stock price manipulation to bring public attention to this issue is pathetic."


"Stock Shock" zeroes in on one of the most shorted stocks on the Nasdaq: Sirius XM, which hit a high of $9.00/share and then plummeted to a horrifying low of .05 (cents) in 2009, leaving an estimated one million Sirius XM investors with their dreams shattered and their bank accounts emptied. Now fans of the movie are taking matters into their own hands as they share information and addresses on the Yahoo finance boards and join forces to change the way short-selling is regulated.


Antony Richard Petrilla, Division of Enforcement at the SEC confirmed the offices have received copies of "Stock Shock" and the SEC public affairs office has been in communication with the film's director, Sandra Mohr. SEC public affairs had no comment.


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Re: Sirius XM Investors Mount Grassroots Effort for SEC ...

Next maybe we'll see some raised awareness about Dendreon stock manupulation.  Read Mark Mitchell's expose at  then forward it to every person you know that has personal experience with prostate cancer.

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Re: Sirius XM Investors Mount Grassroots Effort for SEC ...


It is great to see people taking creative action to document incidents of obvious fraud.  The media has not done their job in doing real investigative reporting so it is up to the people.  NLP - I will investigate "deep capture" as it looks to be in the same mold.

There is a huge conflict of interest with the financial community and the consolidated media.  Thanks for the post.


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