Similarities Converge: Chris Martenson/Gerald Celente

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Similarities Converge: Chris Martenson/Gerald Celente
Gerald Celente is a "trend tracker." He bases his forecasts on the premise that current events form future trends. Synthesizing large numbers of reports showing diverse perspectives of current events — reports he reads every day so he can see progressions — he looks at where we are, examines how we got here and observes where the trajectory is headed and what it could mean if it were to continue. His team of researchers study empirical data in over 300 areas of global society, constantly making connections between different fields. He speaks of a tax revolt by 2012 caused by the government squeezing the little guy for ever-inceasing taxes to pay for the escalating debt. This jives with what Mr. Martenson alluded to in his PBS presentation when he says that he cannot find a single example of social change that started in Washington D.C. The politician will simply continue to keep the current system going. 
    The PBS presentation offered up an excellent question which proves why no bail-out plan or stimulus package will work:
How is it possible for an insolvent nation to borrow from an insolvent financial system to bail out an insolvent financial institution?
IT WILL NOT NOT WORK. We can't grow our way out of this problem. We've over consumed for the last 30 years and built up an unsustainable debt. Our debt to GDP ratio is 360%. Total banking losses are 3.5 trillion. The banks total capital is 1.4 trillion. Twice as much capital that the banking system presently has is needed just to return that system to solvency. When he politicians talk about "unlocking the credit markets" to fix the problem, they are just talking about continuing the escalation of debt for our country.
Chris asks: 
Does it make sense for our government to borrow money to solve a problem caused by too much debt?
Big changes are ahead and don't expect our government to solve these problems. It has to come from a grassroots movement. 
Recent Celente interviews/videos:
On Glenn Beck:
RT interview:
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