Signs of the Times: What are the Insiders Up to, at the Street Level?

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Signs of the Times: What are the Insiders Up to, at the Street Level?

Many of us come to this site to soak in CM's dissection of the overwhelming volumes of economic data and his insightful translations of the economic utterances of public figures.  Not to take these for granted, (because they are indispensable), but I also look for the common, everyday signs of the times in the community around me, as well as in our professional lives.

My husband (a construction contractor) came home with a story last night that gave me pause.  He had met with a potential client, in a very well-to-do area that we know, from direct experience, to be well-saturated with well-connected (read: Obama's home boys -- It's a Chicago suburb) folks.  This client wanted to downsize their home . . . this is historically unheeeeaaaard of.  The client's intent was to eliminate three of the five above-ground bedrooms, and to add a basement (as in food storage?), below.  I can tell you that this is a horrifically expensive (and in ordinary times, wasteful and senseless) project, not to mention a permitting nightmare in this high-governance community.

This incident added even more significance to my husband's story of an estimate he recently did on a 13,000 (yes, that's three zeros) square foot house, complete with a vault the size of my kitchen, a tower and catwalk on the roof, and three geothermic wells (is that the right term?). 

I find less glaring, but supporting evidence, in a well-connected friend, who wouldn't get her shoes dirty if she could help it, suddenly raising chickens in her upscale, Chicago suburban backyard (in violation of local ordinance).

I take this as pretty strong evidence that our assessment that the S is gonna HTF pretty hard, and the PTB are fully aware of it, and this knowledge is filtering down.

Is anybody else catching that-just-looks-out-of-place incidents like these?

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Re: Signs of the Times: What are the Insiders Up to, at ...

Hey c1oudfire,

Google up the Walton Family Compound (Wal Mart family).  They built a bunker complete with satellite up-link, helipad, guard-towers, surrounded by chain-link fence and Concertina wire.  There are other well connected families around the country that have done the same thing.  I remember reading a few years ago that Tom Cruise had built a similar compound costing approximately $10 million.  There appears to be many people of various income brackets doing all sorts of preparations.  I really hope in 20 years time we look back at all of this and laugh, comparing it to the fall out shelters of the 1950's.

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