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Showing the CC locally

I want to show the CC locally.  Would like to invite people from local Unitarian church, from Ron Paul activist circles, a CSA couple, etc. 

Would like to hear from others who have done it successfully.

How do you know that you were successful?  And what were the most important things that you did to make it successful?

Who came to the showing?  Close friends?  Family?  Church members?  Coworkers?  Neighbors?

Did you do a house party, or did you show it at a public venue?  Where?

Did you find it most useful to gather people around a big screen tv, or a laptop with a projector?

How long was the entire showing?

Did you show the whole course, or just selected chapters?  If you showed the whole thing, then how many sessions did you have?

How did you break up the showing?  How much did you say yourself?  Or did you mostly let the program speak for itself?  How much discussion time did you have?  How much viewing time did you have?

How much preparation did you do?  How important was the preparation?  Or did you just wing it?

Did you pass out DVDs at the end?  If the presenter was broke, would it make sense to sell DVDs?  Or would that go over like a lead balloon?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Showing the CC locally

Hi there,

We are going to try house parties showing part of the CC. It's  too much to see at once.  Start with people you have connections with and go from there.  Leave time for people to process what they have seen.  We are all learning how to do this so try different things.

good luck and let us know what happens


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Re: Showing the CC locally

I think this thread should have a lot more activity!

Chris clearly cannot visit every town in the country, so we need more volunteers spreading the word.

I am currently working to schedule, promote, and conduct an economic information session in a small Wyoming town on May 26.  I have reserved the local community center, and I plan to hold a two-hour session to discuss current economic issues and promote the Crash Course.

Does anyone have suggestions regarding the best way to promote and conduct such an event?


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Re: Showing the CC locally

 CM Tribes (click, with emphasis on the 1,000)

I think that says it all as far as viral spreading of this.

To answer your question, I have myself, never done this. I think acclimating someone to the water slowly would be how I went about it. I see a few clients each week, in their homes, all are glued to CNBC lately. People are afraid, they know something isn't right with what they are being told.

That said, I think too much will have them doing the Ostrich thing.

I think the big ones, when it comes to this entire mess have to do with data, (Fuzzy numbers) and debt but I feel the key to the entire mess is how money is created or what money really is/isn't.

Just my 2 cents, from a guy who hasn't done this. Well, I did get Marsh to watch a video a night with me. 20 nights later she was done with the CC. What I observed is that it is like one of those pictures you stare at long enough and the picture below it is revealed. The problem is most people have been under a very different impression for a very long time. This can be earth moving for them.

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Re: Showing the CC locally

Thanks, Davos, for the perspective...that's exactly the type of experience and commentary I am seeking. 

I've done a lot of 1:1 and 1:2 introductions to CM's message, but a group of 20-30...not so much.

Does anyone have experience presenting an hour of CM content to a mid-sized group?

Has anyone created a PowerPoint for such an event?

BTW, I have CM/CC business cards and about 50 DVDs for participants.


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